God Eater get together party!

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User Info: soulmuziq

6 years ago#1
I posted this on the "God Eater" board instead of "God"s" Eater...I didn't know there were two boards lol.

I have been waiting for this game for so long i hope i don't get tired of it when it's out like i did with
MH3 tri (altho i did love it, it just took so long)

I am trying to see if anyone in Gainesville Florida would like to have a get together party for God Eater Burst multiplayer session. I tried this back when Monster Hunter Unite came out turned out pretty ok altho we have 5, so one extra person but we juss divided into 2 and 3 and played for a good 5-6 sessions until sorta broke up.

Can pitch in for pizza, beer coke wutever u like to eat and juss chill and have a good time.

as for the venue, i used to use the local college reck room or bookstores but I guess we gotta see if this works out.

I am from South Korea and I have done this sort of thing when I interned there and it works wonders since in Seoul, you can just ride the train anywhere. (same with Tokyo, where I also interned)

but since everything is so far here, I was wondering if something like this ad would work on gamefaqs to get people to play.

Adhoc party is great and all but nothing beats meeting and chillin, eating food and having a good time. potentially meeting new people. I hope there are lady players for single gamers out there as well this would def boost the interest in both parties lol.

I hope this turns out well and can have some fun!

User Info: heytheredarlin

6 years ago#2

I'm posting on GameSpot, and even I find this to be really nerdy.

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