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User Info: Hooded-One

6 years ago#111
hanumeran mask?
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User Info: NightTerrorX99

6 years ago#112
1. Quickener
2. Draconic Redstone
They are for Rank 4 items

User Info: HarrierRayex

6 years ago#113
1) Avian Tip
2) Wild Sword: Laoyang; Short Sword.
3) Rank 8

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Vrixho

6 years ago#114
Aragami Fiber for the female Wild clothes.

This topic seems dead... no one answering.

User Info: Azn Playah

Azn Playah
6 years ago#115
1. Diablo Oculus
2. Upgrade of Tosca X (short sword)
3. Rank 10

1. Spark Knt Ambrosia (not sure if this is susano'o or the other lightning scorpion)
2. Upgrade of Arbalest (sniper)
3. Rank 9

User Info: casshie1

6 years ago#116
1)Knt Blaze Amethyst
2)Fire Katana N(long sword)
3)Rank 7

Thanks in advance =). i've been spamming the rank 7 borg camlann(needles and sewage) at least 22 times but can't seem to get it..maybe i'm fighting the wrong monster???

User Info: mookatour

6 years ago#117
i just finish this game and i still miss
all " Unlock bind 001-009 ?

User Info: ryuuXfinn

6 years ago#118
1. Emperor Redstone
2. Loeweberg II
3. Rank 8

User Info: Maipawa

6 years ago#119
@Stra7 Wild Swd:Yang X

Rank of the sword?

@Zaldinn325 Aramid Fiber

Rank 4-6 Streets of Atonement, Area L, M

@Wyvern Wyrm scale, wyrm horn, king armour+.

Wyrm scale:
Rank 4-6 Guboro (Fire), Devour, Tail Fin

Wyrm Horn:
Rank 4-6 Guboro (Fire), Devour, Cannon

King Armour+:
Rank 4-8 Quadriga, Devour
Rank 4-6 Quadriga, Exhaust
Rank 5-6 Fallen Quadriga, Hind Legs
Rank 6 8 Tesca, Devour

Rewards :
"Obsidian sacrifice"
"Dead Proof"
"Pipeworks Coop"

Draconic Redstone:
Rank 4-6 Guboro, Devour, Fang, Back Fin

@WootMonkey Cowhide

Rank 4-6 : Area F, I
Rank 7-8 : Area F, G
Rank 9-10: Area G

Or buy from Shop.

@Blitz46 Aragami Fiber

Rank 8-10, Temple, A, E, F

1. Chaotic Oculus, Lucifer Lichen, Abyssal Horn
2. Twin Antennae X, Buster Sword
3. Rank 10

The one with 720 Crush / 0 God or the one with 520 Crush / 220 God?

1. Dragonoic Great Armor
2. Voltaic Blade

Rank and type of the weapon pls.

1)Simian Redstone
2)Kaikei Armor

Type of the armor pls.

@DuskNoir Hanuman Mesh
Rank 6 Disfigured Kongou, Shawl

Use a HDH on it for easier breakage.

1.wyrm amethyst
3.rank 8

Type of gear pls.

@GreenteaAzn Poison metal

Carrier of Fools
Rank 8, Area A (13%)
Rank 4-6, Area B (15%)

@Iravention Ogre sharp tail

Rank 4-6 Fallen Orgetail, Devour

@ScytheofDeath Goddess Redstone

Rank 4 5 6 8 Devour
Rank 5 Skirt
Rank 4, 6 Head

Best drops on Rank 6 mission : "Double Date"

@arcticdog fallen king armor

Fallen Quadriga
Rank 5 6, Devour
Rank 5, Front Armor

@bahalol00 Aragami Horn
Chiyou, Uroboros, Kongou, Fallen Chiyou

@Beatles Chaotic spark claw

Rank 7 10 Ouroboros, Feet

King Grease, Mithril Silver
Thunder Chainsaw

Rank and type of the gears pls.

1.Prince's Soul
2. Deus Blade Takiri

Type of the sword, and be sure of the rank pls.

To all. If you can't be bothered to confirm the rank before posting, I can't be bothered to help you.

@Kefka Ticket

Play with friend.

1) Magnetic Steel
2) Tigris Gun N
3) Rank 5

Type of gear pls.

Selene Crystal

Rank 8 Ardanova, Male God

>Selene Raiment

The one requiring 7 or 8 pcs?
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User Info: Maipawa

6 years ago#120

1.Conqueror Jade, requirement x1
Rank 9-10 Tesca, Front Armor, Helmet

2. Diablo Oculus
Rank 10 Aither, Head

3.Draconic Amethyst, requirement x2
Rank 7 Guboro, Fang, Back Fin, Torso

4.Lucifer Asteria, requirement x2
Onslaught Kit, (Control Unit) Rank 9
Skills on this CU?

1) frigid ambrosia
2) azure dragon blade
3) rank 10

Type of sword pls.

I just wanna know where I can find Royal Armor, I think it comes from a Privthi Mitra but when I devour it I never seem to get Royal Armor. :/

Details of gear requiring it pls.

@balzing kangaroo
1.seraphic crystal
2.blood surge X
3. rank 10

I'm not sure if this material is correct. Give me a list of all materials required for this gear.

@Hooded hanumeran mask?
Rank 7 8 Disfigured Kongou, Devour, Shawl

1. Quickener
2. Draconic Redstone

Posted previously.

@HarrierRayex Avian Tip

Rank 7 Chiyou, Rank 7 8 Sekhmet, Rank 8 Fallen Chiyou

@Azn Playah
1. Spark Knt Ambrosia
Rank 9 10 Borg (Spark), Devour, Shield
, Sting

@casshie1 1)Knt Blaze Amethyst
Rank 7-8, Borg (Fire), Devour, Shield, Tail, Sting

1. Emperor Redstone
2. Loeweberg II
3. Rank 8

Type of gear pls.
A Bard's Tale -
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