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User Info: dhsolid

5 years ago#1
For whatever reason, I could have sworn I made this topic before like 2 days ago or something. Maybe it was deleted or maybe I just never made it but anyway:

Assuming the hero releases are by cycles (radiant, dire, radiant, dire, etc...):
I'm hoping Ogre Magi is next.

If it is randomized: Shadow Demon please!

How about you guys?
Also, whoever predicts correctly - well you can brag all you want! :P

User Info: ssjsczr

5 years ago#2
Lycan for dire, or Troll for radiant.
I would actually like to see Rooftrellen , but i have a feeling he will be one of the last heroes to be added.
With great power comes great responsibility, and a cool costume.

User Info: dhsolid

5 years ago#3
Ah yeah, Lycan is a cool choice. I just read his lore and abilities. Very cool hero. :D

User Info: Masterjimmy

5 years ago#4
The Radiant - Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior

The Dire - Clinkz or Dirge
Jim Chapman quote, Don't ask a question you can't take back. cause whats said is said and some things you never forget.

User Info: SnakeEyes170

5 years ago#5
Invoker of course
some counters for the heroes that are dominating dota 2 right now would be nice

need counters for AM, Furion, NS mainly

Invoker, Slithice, Destroyer, Shadow Demon would all be nice

User Info: dhsolid

5 years ago#7
From what I have heard, AM is the most "OP" right now in terms of no one can beat me late game. Is this true? And if so, who can put up a good fight against him and possibly win?

User Info: xHFx

5 years ago#8
Dunno... He farms real easily and has one of the best escape/initiation/chasing tool ever and his ultimate makes him even more deadly.

He will burn the **** out of your mana and once he gets Manta, it gets a lot worse.

You need a lot of disables and silences to kill him. Kill him within the time he's silenced/disabled and he will die. But that's the case with a lot of carries or heroes. Weaver's similar, too. Even if you have vision of him, his Wind Walk lets him go pass units at max speed... The invisibility and damage are a nice addition. Don't kill him quick enough? He's gonna Time Walk.

If AM gets BKB, well, whoever gets BKB becomes hard to stop if they have good damage to kill quick enough.

Not to mention, people get Vanguard on him so he can farm and live more easily... His magic shield is already ridiculous, making him take less damage from spells, and Vanguard just helps his survivability with physical attacks. It also lets him farm creeps and let him tank/leech hits.

If I see Anti-Mage and feel like actually TRYING to counter him... Well, you have options.

Enchantress, so he won't take your mana away so quick because of Untouchable. Faceless Void could stop most, but if they're smart, you won't catch all five and they'll have someone using the Euls/Force Staff on their AM, whatever. You could also get Doom to Doom him and prevent him from Blinking. Pugna can Decripify him to prevent him from doing damage, but I think he can Manta out of it...

Anyways, ridiculous hero.

Any farmed carry-type heroes are strong... There's a reason why AM is just able to farm a lot easier than others. He has Blink, so if a team decides to gank him, he can just Blink away by Blinking into the trees.

By the way, VS is not a carry. While she may be able to do damage and she's Agility, she works a lot better as a Support. Not to mention, she's not the best at farming.

Furion's good at carrying although he's Intellect. The reason for this (IMO), is because he can farm real real well, and his money can be used to build as carry since he gets his items REAL quick if you're teleporting all over the map and farming. I got a 679GPM with him in a game, forgot how long the game was, though...

User Info: ohnoitslueshi

5 years ago#9
My money's on Jah'rakal or Barathrum.
"No more silly faces."

User Info: dhsolid

5 years ago#10
Dang, seems like all of us were incorrect! Better luck next time then.

My next choices are the same: Ogre Magi for Radiant and Shadow Demon for Dire.
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