Best hero combinations

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User Info: IamID

5 years ago#1
Just witness an enigma black hole and sand king epicenter combo. Stood no chance. I was wondering what heroes make extremely powerful partners.

User Info: funkyfritter

5 years ago#2
Engima plus anyone with aoe.
Also dark seer plus any carry.
And with that...pow! I'm gone!

User Info: TheRealJimLahey

5 years ago#3
Void and Lich do some some serious damage with well placed/timed ultimates.

User Info: midnightfraser

5 years ago#4
Pudge + Clockwerk:

Pudge + Chen:
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User Info: JennaTahlia

5 years ago#5
Firstly this is from dota 1 and I'm shamelessly plugging my friends vid.

User Info: ItsDrafted

5 years ago#6
Pudge + Dark Seer
Pudge rots, darkseer surges and ion shells. Good dps and people can't get away unless they're really good and fortunate with jukes
Armamentary ~ Level 177 Mercedes on Khaini

User Info: _Ferdi_

5 years ago#7
Pudge+Dark Seer for giga rot
Pudge+Omni for gayest lane
Jug+Invoker for Cold spin
Alchemist+Mirana lv1 10 second stun
Lina+Lion double stun double ult
ES+AA guaranteed cold feet with fissure
Gondar/Clinks/Brood+Dark Seer invisible ion shells
Prophet+Windrunner guaranteed shackleshot

Just some funny lane combos. There isn't really a best hero combination.
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User Info: Ant_to_the_max

5 years ago#8
DS + Techies.

"Guys, other team is pushing in for a team fight"
*Vacuum +BOOM*
"What other team?"

(message deleted)

User Info: Rhylos

5 years ago#10
My brother and I like to do omni + axe.
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