What heroes are best for going mid?

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User Info: gwwak

5 years ago#1
No one seems to have made a topic on this yet. Is it a mage, a ganker, a farm dependent carry, initiator etc.
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User Info: Crimson_Jesus

5 years ago#2
There are two reasons to send a hero mid for the levels or for the farm, so gankers and carries. A lot of melee carries can't really compete with usual mid heroes though, so you're gonna want to send those with supports unless the player is extraordinarily good.
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User Info: funkyfritter

5 years ago#3
It depends. Popular mid lanes include:

A solo level-dependent carry (storm spirit, invoker)
A solo level-dependent ganker (queen of pain, pudge, beastmaster)
A hard carry with a support (antimage+lich)

The middle lane is hard to gank, easy to push and gives easy access to the rest of the map. If you're going mid you should have something in mind that plays to those features.
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User Info: EnjoyMe

5 years ago#4
Very often, it is a strong ganker or semi-carry that can lane well without support and loves having a level advantage... Pudge, QoP, PotM, Nightstalker, Clockwerk, Tiny, Shadow Fiend, and many more. Rarely, you will also see a support + carry go mid, but this doesn't happen often.
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User Info: IamID

5 years ago#5
Heroes like invoker who really need levels early to do well
Heroes like sf who need the runes to survive and are mana spammers
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5 years ago#6
heroes with strong rune control are popular picks too

miranas stun+leap, shadow demon and obsidian destroyer's banish abilities, etc etc, all let them beat their mid competition to contested runes
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User Info: mafiafun

5 years ago#7
No specific answer here. Anyone can go mid, just the team has to play catering toward who went mid.
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User Info: Chris386333

5 years ago#8
Anyone can go mid, that doesn't mean that everyone can mid well.
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User Info: BlackBeetleborg

5 years ago#10
For me, anyone who is level-dependent should go to the middle lane. Bane for example, should get to 6 as quickly as possible. Not only can he kill his middle opponent quickly, but he can easily gank either top or bottom with ease by just using his ultimate.

Basically, no-brainer heroes.
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