I cant play this game for **** and its making me mad.

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User Info: CheeseOmen

5 years ago#1
I really want to like this game, Ive played LoL a lot and am a fan of the game genre, but LoL feels very stale now. I saw this game and noticed how the graphics arent horrible, and each hero is actually unique. The thing is this game is way too hard, and I get pooped on even by the bots. It feels like I have way too much to learn, and its not comparable to LoL at all, for starters I cant last hit at all. How can I improve? Im seriously at a loss.
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu

User Info: Iynxor

5 years ago#2
You'll get better eventually. Honestly, the games with bots are only there to let you get a feel for some of the game's mechanics. As soon as you've got that stuff down, you should start playing live games.

You'll suck at first, and you'll probably feed a lot. That's okay. Be open to constructive criticism, think about what went wrong and how you might avoid it next time, and try to apply that, every time you die or fail to get a kill.

PM me your Steam tag, and I might be able to play a round or two with you later (after I wake up from the nap I'm about to go take) and help get you some experience.
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User Info: SpeedDemon20

5 years ago#3
The timing for attacks vary with heroes, but some heroes have really crappy ones (i.e.: Zeus). When you start with your 603 gold, you should go for cheap stats to boost your damage and therefore boost your last hitting power. You have to keep heals too, of course. If you're playing a melee hero, Quelling Blade helps (though some melee heroes shouldn't get one).
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User Info: CheeseOmen

5 years ago#4
What is a good hero to practice with? Ive tried Skeleton King, Anti-Mage, Vengeful Spirit, and some other guy who I forget, but pretty much every time I fed horribly and could hardly farm.
March 24, 2009. RiP n00bierthanu

User Info: Chaap

5 years ago#5
read a beginner's guide, play some bot games
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User Info: KnightfireC60

5 years ago#6
Lich, Lina, Drow Ranger, and Sniper are all relatively simple and straight forward to use, though keep in mind these heroes are all "squishy" and you'll need to play rather cautiously.

And you'll need to just keep playing and practicing to get better. There is a lot more strategy in Dota 2 than LoL in my opinion, and more use for tactics and teamwork. Honestly there are so many little tips and tidbits of information you need to know that it's better if you just keep playing and learn them for yourself while playing. If you need help or have a question just ask your team. There are plenty of dickheads out there who will give you a hard time but there should be a decent person who will help you out. Good luck.
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User Info: PirahnoPlantman

5 years ago#7
Don't play against bots, this is key. You're actually better off playing mm with people since more of less it will put you against equally incompetent players. Then again I did have a game the other day where a guy with 8 wins was randomed into playing Specter on rd. Luckily we got carried by our Slardar/Pudge.
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

5 years ago#8
Do not play carries if you cannot carry.
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User Info: gamesrgreat

5 years ago#9
Don't try to learn everything at once. Just take it a hero at a time and go with suggested items usually as you learn what is what
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User Info: Kharn99

5 years ago#10
Create a custom match for with passive/easier bots.

Please for goodness sake DO NOT PLAY MM UNLESS YOU HAVE RELIALY WON AT LEAST 5 EASY BOT GAMES. Seriously, most people would rather 4v5 than 5v5 but with 1 newbie who keeps feeding.

Otherwise, read this guide:
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