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User Info: Ant_to_the_max

5 years ago#1
For everyone who doesn't know, you can make a .cfg file in your dota folder to automatically run when you start up the game. To make a .cfg file, open notepad (or similar programe) type in what you want and save it as a .cfg (note that by default in Windows you can not edit file extensions. That you have to change in your window manager) You save the file in:
Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg

Most of this stuff I learned from Rhy and all these key bindings I just picked up from this topic on reddit.

//This shows a green arrow when you are casting a skill.
//It will be dark green when your mouse is in range of the spell
dota_disable_range_finder 0
//enables the console. might be unneeded at this point..
con_enable 1
//you can deny creeps by right clicking on them instead of
//having to a+click. Doesn't work on towers
dota_force_right_click_attack 1
//joins the lota channel.
chat_join lota
//sets the size of each health bar marker.
dota_health_per_vertical_marker 500
//next two are not needed because they work automatically now.
dota_killcam_show 1
dota_sf_hud_killcam 1
//you constantly have a green circle around you at the range of 1200 units.
//This is the range for getting exp from creeps as well as the blink dagger range.
dota_range_display 1200
//runs the autoexec.cfg function to rebind the keys. Not needed if you
//properly unbind they keys beforehand in the game menu
bind "F5" "exec autoexec.cfg"
//should be self explanatory
unbind "leftarrow"
bind "leftarrow" "say_team miss top"
unbind "rightarrow"
bind "rightarrow" "say_team miss bottom"
unbind "downarrow"
bind "downarrow" "say_team miss mid"
unbind "uparrow"
bind "uparrow" "say_team re"
unbind "x"
//here is something cool. When you press x, it selects the courier,
//grabs your items, brings it to you, and uses the boost. Note that as or right now,
//it doesn't re-select your hero. I am trying to get that working though.
alias "quick_courier" "dota_select_courier; dota_ability_execute 3; dota_ability_execute 4; dota_ability_execute 5;"
bind "x" "quick_courier"

I am not an expert on the commands, but I am playing around with what you can do with them. Here is all the other console commands from the wiki

If you have anything else that is cool, please feel free to add it!

User Info: Chaap

5 years ago#2
this takes me back to tfc. makes me sad
Some people are just dumb

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

5 years ago#3
I have an autoexec.cfg (and it's a recognized as a cfg) saved in my cfg folder in my dota 2 beta folder.

It reads

con_enable 1
dota_range_display 1200

But it won't work. :(
You'll see - Eternal love, that's what this is
This feeling that I just cannot resist... OD
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