How do I lock camera to character?

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User Info: SilentLine04

5 years ago#1
Not playing with the camera locked is driving me crazy. I know you can do it in LOL can you do it in this game. It's my only real gripe with the game
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User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#2
why the **** would you ever want to limit your camera to your hero...
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User Info: Chris386333

5 years ago#3
because he is bad??

User Info: Kevman510

5 years ago#4
Guys, lay off him, he's new and when you're first starting out I think camera locks can be nice until you get good enough to manipulate the camera freely. That being said, you can press F1 twice and hold it, or set the F1 to be spacebar in the menu. It's not very intuitive, but it's all we have to work with for now. I myself would love a camera snap function (single press spacebar like in LoL) but I'm ok with anything.
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User Info: KnighterFighter

5 years ago#5

Go to the controls.
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User Info: VicViperMkIII

5 years ago#6
if I need the camera to follow me I just double press the character button and hold it. so it follows me. Though keeping on ur character at all time is pretty bad. Too many disadvantages

User Info: SpeedDemon20

5 years ago#7
You can double left-click your hero portrait and the camera will lock onto your hero. If your mouse hits the edge of the window however, you will break the lock.
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User Info: PirahnoPlantman

5 years ago#8
You're gonna have a field day with illusion runes I can tell you Eternal Free Weekend stream group is open for all :D

User Info: GNT00_QanT

5 years ago#9
Why would you even do that

It's like

locking your camera for an RTS game.
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User Info: Kharn99

5 years ago#10
xoAxelox posted...
why the **** would you ever want to limit your camera to your hero...
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