Any important tips for a Dota 2 beginner?

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User Info: alcaPWNED212

5 years ago#1
To prevent myself from feeding uncontrollably, I'd like to know if there are any important tips I should remember while playing this game. I have played LoL before so I know the basics like; don't overcommit unless you are guaranteed the kill, ward everything, call miss or mia, but I don't know any Dota specific things such as...

-when/where the runes spawn
-when to kill jungle monsters
-when to farm and when to engage (especially concerning gankers)
-are supports 0 cs like LoL
-what the lane lines look like (is it solo top, Ap mid, jungler/ganker, AD carry+support bot?)
-when to attack the big dude (roshan?)
-anything else

So on an off-topic question; is there any way to smart cast in this game? Sorry for all of the questions I appreciate your patience peeps :D
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User Info: Ness26

5 years ago#2
Denying is pretty much the same as last hitting. Try to deny if you can get the last hit on a creep to cut the experience the enemy gets as well as prevent them from getting gold by last hitting. You can attack your own creeps to slow down a push and hold a wave where you want. You can only attack your units when they're below 50% health, and towers when they're below 10% health. Denying towers is generally always a good idea, but sometimes you won't want to attempt to deny base towers since it exposes your barracks.

Runes spawn at 0:00 and every two minutes afterwards at one of two spots in the river (they're kinda glowy).

Jungling/farming/ganking is similar to LoL in that you'll just have to get a feel for when it's a good idea. Can't really give a quick summary on that one... same with Roshan. Think of him like Baron in that you want the other team to be occupied before you try it.

Usually supports get more than 0 CS since they can do things like pull the jungle for kills. Some supports will go very lean, but others need items like a Blink Dagger to be truly useful. If you're laning with a carry you should probably try to give your CS to him.

Lanes change every game. In pubs the most common are duo lanes (2 top, 1 mid, 2 bot) but in competitive play there are tons of possibilities (1/1/3, 1/2/2, 1/1/2 + jungler, 3/1/1 ...), just because in pubs a trilane can go really really badly. My point is that Dota is much more versatile and you shouldn't try to have a specific lane structure in mind from the start. Junglers also aren't nearly as common or necessary as LoL so don't worry about that either.

Smart cast does not exist but may be in the works.

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User Info: geno21

5 years ago#3
denying : Its not really any different from last hitting, but its not something that should be the utmost priority for you in lane. If you are a hero that should be farming, you should never go for a deny if its going to cost you a last hit that will give you gold. If you are a support than deny as much as possible in lane, you can start denying when they are around 40% to really help keep the lane close to your tower.

when/where the runes spawn : Its a 50/50 chance of where it will spawn, top or bottom in the river. As for when, every 2 minutes on the clock starting at 0:00 (so 0:00, 2:00, 4:00 etc.)

when to kill jungle monsters : Whenever its convenient really. Its not like LoL where they give buffs, they are just extra gold you can go for. There's no specific time when you would want to go for them, as it varies on a game by game basis. If you have a hand of midas you'll generally want to dip into the red jungle camps and use it on the strongest creep every time its up. Otherwise the jungle is just a generally safe place to farm and is good quick and easy gold if the lanes are too far pushed to farm safely.

when to farm and when to engage (especially concerning gankers) : If you are a hard carry, farming should your priority early on and you should only worry about engaging when you are forced to (ie they engage on you and you need to defend yourself) or its a great chance you can get a kill(s) out of it (ie if they are diving on a tower in another lane, TP down there and help clean up the mess before going back to farming). As for gankers, they generally don't need a ton of farm to get their job done, most gankers work well in the middle lane so the best chance to stop farming and gank is when you can get a good rune to spawn (such as double damage or haste) and then you can take that into the top/bot lane (usually the one closest to where it spawned if there's a chance to gank that lane). As you get later in the game and get your core items you should gank any time and every time your cooldowns permit it and someone is in a gankable position.

are supports 0 cs like LoL: Hard supports more or less are, with some exceptions. If you are playing a support laning with a hard carry that requires farm to succeed (eg, you are CM laning with antimage) then you should avoid taking last hits and let him have them. That said in a pub game it never hurts to take a last hit here or there, and especially if it would have been denied or your carry would have missed the last hit, take those ones. Supports can generally get by ignoring last hitting in lane though, and by stacking/pulling creeps from the jungle and last hitting those for farm. Supports really don't need many items to be effective, hard supports can get by just fine with boots, maybe a bracer, and warding of course.

what the lane lines look like (is it solo top, Ap mid, jungler/ganker, AD carry+support bot?) : This is pretty much entirely subjective to the game, and changes all the time. There are a few general guidelines but for the most part the lines aren't set in stone like they are in LoL. Mid is pretty much always a solo lane (there are no AP or AD in dota) and is generally reserved for a hero that can do well at controlling the lane, pushing it, and being able to control the rune (heroes like qop, shadow fiend, zues, are some good examples of this). Other than that just avoid putting 2 farm dependent heroes in the same lane.

when to attack the big dude (roshan?) : Generally when the enemy team can't contest it, or isn't expecting it. So if you have just had a big team fight and killed 4 or 5 of them and you're all still alive you can go for rosh because there's not much they can do to stop it. Or if they are all on the other side of the map you can take rosh while they are distracted up there. Some heroes can solo roshan very early in the game as well (ursa, lycan) so once they get a vlads be aware of that.

Hope that helps
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User Info: alcaPWNED212

5 years ago#4
Thanks both of you. You were both very helpful.
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User Info: Oximofo

5 years ago#5
As a crap player. I will inform you.

Learn the mechanics of the game. In fact force yourself too. Even if its a detriment to that moment.

It's something I've learned from playing fighting games. Match ups, jukes, lane swaps, ganking. That all comes with experience. Learning to deny, use the carrier correctly, and character builds/combos. Are all much more important than learning how to make your k/d ratio look good.
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User Info: Kuronoa

5 years ago#6

This guide helped me a lot. So does watching a lot of his videos.
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