Who should babysit me?

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User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#11
lich works really well with void if they cant pressure you. the problem with a lich babysitting void is that void has absolutely nothing to get rid of waves and neither does lich, so if they decide to push on you, you're essentially screwed. sacrifice also helps them push.

many ranged heroes can babysit well. the best ones are veno, sd, and cm.
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User Info: RealYorae

5 years ago#12
That's a good list there, CK and AA sounds pretty good and CK Wisp, though wisp isn't exactly an easy hero to play so may want to avoid that for the time being.

This is the kind of info I was looking for though thanks a bunch. I can see Leshrac being a good support stunner for a double stun carry type such as CK or Skeleton King since Sand King isn't really a carry.

What about BH or TA? I know BH is technically a ganker and only partial carry, or what about Pudge, Pudge tends to go mid but I'm sure with a good lane comp he might be able to eat up more people laning.

Pudge, Venge might be good right for the stun, the magic missle sight extend and the position change right into a hook combo would look epic though would be mostly for giggles.

Or Pudge, Keeper maybe since keeper can hold a lane himself fairly easy, gives the extended sight and is all around a scary fellow to lane against, good for keeping pudges mana up, but lacks the utility otherwise.

Still wondering who can actually get spirit breaker up and running as well
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User Info: blade6321

5 years ago#13
Pudge in a duo lane is pretty gimmicky, since he doesn't do very well against 2 or more opponents as the second can stun him or similar. Plus experience is very important, and landing hooks when they know you're there is hard- and ganking other lanes much more difficult.

TA similar, and if you want to talk about synergy then anyone with minus armour is good because it works well with meld.

I can't think of any good lane combos involving them, as they're usually better off solo/roaming. I'm sure there's one or two involving bh though.
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User Info: Paperblade

5 years ago#14
why has no one mentioned Warlock
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User Info: Shaphrion

5 years ago#15
Pretty much the same ones any one else for SB. SB is just bad though so, even if you get him up and running its going to be lack luster.
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User Info: kirbyeatsbombs

5 years ago#16
Best babysit for PL is KotL for obvious reasons.
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User Info: ScarletShin

5 years ago#17
Support Abaddon is okay. Can heal you, can protect. Can even kill steal if push comes to shove.
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User Info: iTz_SLammi

5 years ago#18
Paperblade posted...
why has no one mentioned Warlock

I didn't say Warlock for a couple of reasons:

1) He can't help a carry survive as well as other heroes could. YES he has a heal (which isn't that great)
2) Has no target slow, channeling doesnt really help much and leaves YOU vulnerable
3) Has no stun/disable before level 6.

If there's an early gank on your lane, you can't really help your carry survive that much compared other "babysitting" heroes.
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User Info: RealYorae

5 years ago#19
kirbyeatsbombs posted...
Best babysit for PL is KotL for obvious reasons.

What are the obvious reasons?

Otherwise this is all good information, yeah I figured Pudge was kind of gimmicky hence the venge swap combo. Might work once or twice but people would get wise to it pretty quick.
It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind! - Nietzsche

User Info: Chaap

5 years ago#20
iTz_SLammi posted...
Im just gonna throw out some heroes: CM, Dazzle, Veno, Omni.

omni is awful at lane support because he can't do anything to keep your carry from being harassed. he's actually best solo mid (or suicide lane against some lineups)
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