TheCoolz's ICONIC Giveaway!!!

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User Info: TheCoolz

5 years ago#1
Hello there members of the Dota 2 Board! In order to celebrate my 1000th karma tomorrow, I am doing a free giveaway!!! Hence the title! Because I'll be an Icon tomorrow! I'm funny, right? Right? Guys...?


Alright, moving on! I hope you guys have enjoyed the Diretide event so far! I'm guessing a lot of you have gotten rare items no? Well, this is your chance to expand your collection of rare items! Here are the list of items that I am going to give away!!!

10. Essence of Invoker (Contains Quas, Wex, Exort common essences)

9. Slyvan Guard's Dress Armor (Rare Drow Ranger Armor)

8. Excavator's Decorated Treasure (Rare Tidehunter Bone Helm)

7. Mask of the Crimson Cut-throat (Rare Bounty Hunter Mask)

6. Shoulders of the Slain Dragon (Rare Dragon Knight Pauldron)

5. Saberhorn's Heavy Chopper (Rare Axe Axe)

4. Winged Paladin's Defiance (Rare Omniknight Axe)

3. Hellish Gemstaff (Rare Warlock Staff Diretide 2012)

2. Heirloom of the Temple Priestess (Rare Templar Assassin Comb Diretide 2012)

1. Fireborn Odachi (Mythical Juggernaut Sword)




It's very simple! Make a post of whatever you like about Dota 2! Anything about Dota 2! Whether it's about playing with your friends or liking a hero set from the workshop or even why you love the said hero! Anything! I will then use a random generator to pick the special someone and assign them their respective prizes from this topic! Easy right?


Please post only ONCE EVERY 2 HOURS! I don't want any spamming because I want to give EVERYONE a CHANCE!

This giveaway is free for all to participate! When I have reached 1000 karma tomorrow, I will make a new post to announce the winners!

Have fun! :D
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User Info: SpeedDemon20

5 years ago#2
I like Rylai.
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User Info: Ryu_Takino

5 years ago#3
who doesn't love free stuff?!?

my favorite thing about dota is the strategy behind picking and counter picking, not just the heroes, but the items - it really makes every match feel unique, who's the best counter to a PA? Who should I pick against QoP? They have CK PL Brood and Naga time to pick ES, etc
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User Info: Cruzader619

5 years ago#4
I like DOTA coz of the skill involved in playing. Especially since Hero lineups in games doesnt matter, its the skill of the ones playing... (or luck if the enemy is too stupid >_>) that wins the game
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User Info: Kevin14239

5 years ago#5
I <3 free stuff as well.

I personally like playing support heroes, with my favorites being Omni, Rylai, and Venge. I mainly started playing supports out of necessity (since everybody else would pick carries -.-) but I've grown to love them!
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User Info: drakkus07

5 years ago#6
Force staff blink dagger AM is relevant in diretide
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User Info: LookANinja

5 years ago#7
I enjoy the feeling of successfully ganking someone. Whether alone, or with a skilled teammate.

User Info: MoonDanceKid

5 years ago#8
I like CK. But most importantly, Dota is an amazing game like no other.
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User Info: praetor fenix

praetor fenix
5 years ago#9
I like Dota because of how much dedication and attention to detail seems to have gone into it, mostly referring to the amount of unique voice work. Also, from the lofty Sage tower I congratulate you for 1000 karma, haha.
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User Info: 12012

5 years ago#10
i like dota because of people giving away free items
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