TheCoolz's ICONIC Giveaway!!!

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User Info: chaos0619

5 years ago#101
"Holy sh*t it's Viper!"

"Holy sh"t it'!"

User Info: BlackBeetleborg

5 years ago#102
Bacon sandwiches. LoL-BlueberryHuggles UMvC3 Phoenix Wright/Captain America/Sentinel

User Info: crunchy612

5 years ago#103
Poast for a new day.

No matter how bad the game is going, several lines from Axe after Culling puts a smile on my face.

Proud Quitting Returner.
Yancy so kawaii ~

User Info: quinikk

5 years ago#104
I like DotA because it's what brought me and my friends together.
Just let it go, alright.

User Info: VayneIV

5 years ago#105
What I like about Dota 2 is that the new special effects on some abilities is really great and that it is totally free unlike some other great games

User Info: megamanxmaster

5 years ago#106
I really love it hwen my team bases a team around ursa so I can play with him!!!
After the divorce I went through, I'm not sure any marriage should be legal.

User Info: Rades

5 years ago#107
i like dota 2 because juggernaut
let me show you my pokemans

User Info: Black_Hydras

5 years ago#108
I like teaching my friends who started out with Dota 2 and seeing them slowly become competent.
Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

User Info: SpeedDemon20

5 years ago#109
I like Dota 2 because it showed me that a lot of the LotA board members aren't really as good as I originally thought.
I hate resorting to violence...

User Info: LookANinja

5 years ago#110
Yay i got an Enduring War Dog from a diretide game.
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