TheCoolz's ICONIC Giveaway!!!

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User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#91
i like dota cuz i like to kill ppl
PSN: axeei
XBL GT: axeeeeeeeeL

User Info: Tofuboyfd3s

5 years ago#92
Dota 2 is a fun game that I've been enjoying since I picked it up. I like playing support and trying to set up kills for everyone else. Also the aesthetics for some heroes are pretty cool which is making Diretide that much more addicting. DEM ITEMS!

User Info: TheCoolz

5 years ago#93
A few more hours left! Is this all? Well, this is certainly more than I originally expected!

Oh, and I'm going add a little bonus as well to this community. I will add another prize! It's not an item, but the winner will obtain 1 illustration request of any Dota 2 hero!!!

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User Info: SwaglockHolmes

5 years ago#94
yo draw me sf with some bling and bitties

User Info: TheCoolz

5 years ago#95
SwaglockHolmes posted...
yo draw me sf with some bling and bitties

Dat swag!

This will have to do for now :(
Diamond FC: 4854 3640 0601

User Info: athlete3000

5 years ago#96
I also really enjoy the unique voice acting and the very specific taunts that one character gives to another.

I.E : When Pudge kills clinkz and tells him to "get some more meat on dem bones!"
"Never argue with idiots, They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" ~Unknown

User Info: _borT

5 years ago#97
I like all of the little details about DotA, such as heroes commenting about items you buy them, the animations in the window, and a lot of other small details.

User Info: pageisbest

5 years ago#98
Please draw juggernaut being a BOSS!! <3
!!!sdrawkcab sti nehw yllaicepse serutangis daer ot sseltniop stI


5 years ago#99
I like dota because it isn't LoL.

User Info: SaltyCream

5 years ago#100
I like dota 2, because you can win pure on skill. It's very satisfying :)
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