Sven item builds

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User Info: Toashen

5 years ago#1
so hard to decide,

Treads and Drum is good enough for all around stats and extra mana

Hotd or MoM? MoM is good for pushing

then BKB

I go assault if my team needs some movement or Heart if I need to be abit tankier

if it all goes well then Daedalus to round off

Urn is also a good pick for ganking phases

User Info: mdamps

5 years ago#2
yeah i pretty much always go treads and then MoM to speed up my farm, then i'll decide how tanky or DPSy i wanna build based on the rest of my team.

User Info: N9n_Galoodotcom

5 years ago#3
My favorite build is Power Treads, Drum of Endurance, Mask of Madness, Crystalis/Daedalus and then Assault Cuirass. I toss a BKB in there if I'm getting stunned all the time or add a Heart of Tarrasque if the game's going on for a ridiculously long time.

Really having fun with that build in Diretide currently, enemies are bunched up most of the time, so cleaving with God's Might + MoM + Crystalis is tons of fun.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

5 years ago#4
MoM is only really good if you're nerdblasting and then you can build scythe of vyse, only get Drum if you're not #1'ing.

Urn is super great early so you don't have to ferry salves.

HoD is super.

Armlet is pretty great now.

Don't buy heart.
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User Info: HShadow

5 years ago#5
Power Treads > Mask of Madness > Black King Bar > Assault Cuirass

That is what I usually go for. Sometimes I will get a Heart instead of the Assault though depending on the situation/team composition. I know some people go for BKB before MoM to make them useful in team fights quicker, but MoM allows him to farm the jungle with ease if he is in a tough lane against range.
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