Merlini's Tinker highlight from earlier. Just wow.

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User Info: Shaphrion

4 years ago#21
MoonDanceKid posted...
Paperblade posted...
Merlini was first, he used it in late 2006/early 2007, and Yamateh's debut was later in 2007

The build was made (or at least popularized) by a pub named Virot2, who released a guide for it on the now defunct website in early 2006, where he had to specifically mention that Rearming BoT (and Manta/Guinsoo's, the other two core items in his build) was not a bug, since there were items that were set to not have their cooldowns refreshed.

Thanks for the insight. Who would have thought that such a staple would have been found by a pub player? Not to say that pub players are bad, but basically finding out something that all pro Tinkers use is pretty amazing.

Well most staples right now were found when dota was really just a "pub" game. Its really hard for me to think of builds that werent around before the "pro" scene.

Only real ones I can think of are from heros that were added when the pro scene was established.
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User Info: MoonDanceKid

4 years ago#22
I see what you mean. Maybe I phrased it wrong, but in certain games, I usually feel as though the gap between professional players and pub players is so wide that they are two different environments. The different strategies and usually the calibur at which they play at seems so significant, which is why I was surprised that this was founded by a pub player. Usually its the other way around(pro players introducing something that is adapted into the pub scene).
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User Info: Paperblade

4 years ago#23
also something that was pointed out to me that I didn't notice at first is that the Rubick and Weaver are Jeyo and Fear respectively.
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User Info: Bald_Money

4 years ago#24
Ultima_Weapon33 posted...
I was inspired by his heroic tinkering and decided to go beat up some nerds myself.

LOL, nice drakengard avatar + name
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