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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#11
>Denying, you can deny towers when bellow 10% hp, creeps below half, and heroes if they have a DoT and are very low.

If you deny a tower the enemy team will gain much less gold for it, so if it falls beneath 10% (130, 140, 160 iirc for t1/t2/t3 respectively).

If you deny a friendly hero then the enemy won't gain any gold- some heroes can commit suicide and do the same, e.g pudge has an aoe DoT that hurts him as well, so you can 'deny' yourself, I think the enemy will still get Xp, but I'm not sure. Don't worry too much about denying heroes though.

>Towers targeting won't switch until the thing it's hitting is dead or out of range. It will then target the closest thing next to it, if any. It will also prioritise you if you attack heroes. If not then the closest available target- as you can see, tower diving from creeps is much easier as you won't take aggro unless you get close. Also, creeps are much more tanky to your attacks and tower attacks. To shift tower aggro press "A" and then click on one of your creeps, regardless of its hp- aggro will then shift to that creep (or hero even). This is how you deny also.

>Almost always carry a tp scroll and almost always tp to lane, unless you're playing support and someone's already getting the farm

>Roshan (or "rosh") (Equiv of baron) can be done from level 1 with the correct team lineup, so is much easier. It drops the aegis which allows you to respawn where you just died after 3 second delay- killing roshan three times makes it drop cheese which, when used, gives large amounts of health and mana.

>In DoTA, compared to LoL, more expensive items give less efficient stats. E.G

LS 415/10= 41.5g per AD

BF 1650/45= 36.67 g per AD

Whereas in DoTA, stats wise, the cheapest item (Ironwood branch) is the most cost efficient. However, larger items take up less slots and have varied active/passive effects, so saving up for a big stats item isn't the best unless it's to finish a useful item, which it usually is.

>You can buyback once every few minutes, the amount of gold depends on level and how long the game is. You cannot sell items whilst dead, so if the game is super late game and dying might cause you to not have enough to buyback, consider saving.

>Finally, you lose gold for dying, so, unless you're saving for buyback, try to spend dat money. You can buy items whilst out of base then have a "courier" ferry them to you or get them when you return. People go "B" much less often than in LoL, as if you have good regen/don't get harassed and use courier there's no need. There are also "side shops" and secret shops, to buy items from without going B. If your team doesn't have a courier at the start ask someone to do so, and if no one does then buy one. It's very important, and someone should upgrade it soon. This is usually the supports job, but in pubs you might have to do this.

A bit advanced, but something you should learn at one point or another

>Warding and jungle camps are very different, this image should help you out.

This is a great source for reliable guides and info that is fairly accessible.

Anyway that was most of the stuff I found important to learn for the transition, sorry for tl;dr, gl hf =)
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User Info: PirahnoPlantman

4 years ago#12
From: asswhuppin | #006
also whats with all this "strength" champ or "agility" champ?

STR/AGI/INT beside a hero defines what attribute they scale with auto attack damage wise. It doesn't define their role however.

straight from the wiki~~

Strength is a measure of a Hero's toughness and endurance. Strength determines a Hero's maximum health and health regeneration. Heroes with strength as their primary attribute can be hard to kill, so they will often take initiator and tank roles, initiating fights and tanking most of the damage from enemy attacks.

Every point in strength increases maximum health by 19.
Every point in strength increases health regeneration by 0.03 HP per second.
If strength is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in strength increases his or her attack damage by 1.

Agility is a measure of a Hero's swiftness and dexterity. Agility determines a Hero's armor and attack speed. Heroes with agility as their primary attribute tend to be more dependent on their auto-attacks and items, and are usually capable of falling back on their abilities in a pinch. Agility Heroes often take carry and gank roles.

Every 7 points in agility increases a Hero's armor by 1.
Every point in agility increases a Hero's attack speed by 1.
If agility is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in agility increases his or her attack damage by 1.

Intelligence is a measure of a Hero's wit and wisdom. Intelligence determines a Hero's maximum mana and mana regeneration. Heroes with intelligence as their primary attribute tend to rely on their abilities to deal damage or help others. Intelligence Heroes often take support, gank, and pusher roles.

Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's maximum Mana by 13.
Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's mana regeneration by 0.04 mana per second.
If intelligence is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in intelligence increases his or her attack damage by 1.


What this means is that besides stacking "damage" items stacking attribute giving items on a hero that benefits from it will also improve their damage output. Usually at a cost benefit too.

For example a blade of attack provides +9 damage. It costs 900 gold. If your hero scales off AGI then a Wraith band provides +6 agility, +3 strength, +3 intelligence and +3 damage. All for the cost of 485 gold. What this translates into for an AGI hero is +9 damage if you add up the +6 agi that scales into damage and the +3 raw damage. Essentially you're saving 415 gold for the same damage output + additional attributes that provide hp and mana from the + str and +int.
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User Info: Xaxxus

4 years ago#13
The biggest changes form LoL to dota are:

-The stash, when you buy items away from town, they go into your stash, you can pick them up later

- the currier: a team shared donkey that carries items from your stash to you on the field If it dies while carrying your stuff, you have to wait for it to cooldown before you can get your items

- reliable and unreliable gold: reliable gold is obtained from kills. Unreliable gold is accumulated over time, and from minion kills. a portion of it is lost when you die.

- no more summoner spells. Some items have the summoner spell effects on them (Blink dagger has flash)

- denying (last hit your own minions to prevent enemies from last hitting them)

- all champions have mana as their resource, you will be pretty much mana starved until you start to get into your charactars build

- no more bushes, instead fog of war is produced behind objects. So lets say you run behind a tree, enemies wont be able to see you behind there until they go around.

- and the biggest of all and most frustrating change is the movement delay. On league, champions are much more responsive. You click, and they move immediately (more unrealistic). In Dota, the heroes and units have to turn around before they can change direction.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

4 years ago#14
Blade of Attack costs 450 gold.
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