How many Dota games per day can you handle?

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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#11
when i play now i usually only play 2-3, max 4-5

depends on how pissed i am tbh
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User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
4 years ago#12
4 is about my max before it becomes physically difficult for me. My eyes can only handle so much and the game is pretty stimulating mentally.
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User Info: Crossfiyah

4 years ago#13
1-2 alone.

With friends, if we win as many as we lose, no limit really. We usually start at 8 or 9 and end by 2 but if they didn't quit I could go on.

User Info: Tekken9292

4 years ago#14
Three games per session on average. On a day when I can just play games and stay on the computer, I usually play 3 matches, then cool off with some simple game to take a break from the cancerous, terrible, painful people you have to play with in pubs.

Games like Minecraft, Scribblenauts, WoW Binding of Isaac or Sims have the kind of replay value that require no effort, and keeps you entertained for small bursts of half an hour to two hours tops. Then I hop back to Dota.
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User Info: acesxhigh

4 years ago#15
I never play alone so really as many as they want to play
Usually 3-5 games per session.
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User Info: Septimo_Omega

4 years ago#16
Depends on the number of Russians I encounter.

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#17
It really depends. The more I win, the more satisfied I feel and I am likely to get bored. Losing means I want to play more.
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User Info: ScarletShin

4 years ago#18
My friends and I go on Dota marathons once a week. We do like 6 or 7 hours of non-stop playing (non-stop, except for in-between games). Sometimes a bit more.

We take out from McDonald's or KFC, then whatever we order is the only thing we'll be eating for the entire time.
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User Info: Sub Tank

Sub Tank
4 years ago#19
However many it takes to get 1 win.
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User Info: Pseudo_Legacy

4 years ago#20
Best I've done was 7-8ish hours straight with a full party of friends, back in Dota a few years back

I've cut back and usually do 4 games at most a day.
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