Why don't some people buy Mask of Madness on Void?

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  3. Why don't some people buy Mask of Madness on Void?

User Info: dwago

5 years ago#1
I don't understand why not, can somebody elaborate? Yes, I'm bad just recently got 200 wins.
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User Info: Earthshaker

5 years ago#2
MoM is occasionally a bad idea if the enemy team has certain hard-hitting, long-ranged magic abilities, as Backtrack won't save you from EVERYTHING. And do you REALLY want to take an amplified Laguna Blade to the face? Sure, you can dodge it, but what about one of Void's biggest support-counters, Jakiro? Standing in Macropyre while taking bonus damage from it pretty much ruins your ult and your day.
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User Info: The Real Truth

The Real Truth
5 years ago#3
Because it sucks.
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User Info: DarkishFriend

5 years ago#4
Because there are good substitutes for it. Void's starting health and str gain are pretty low, so with MoM you are carrying a big ass sign that says please nuke me.
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User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#5
its a cheap, cost-efficient item but you need a BKB on him to make it viable

it really just depends on how much farm void has. if he really needs to do more damage and doesnt have a lot of gold, then MoM might be the only option. however, if void can gain sufficient farm, its better to spend the gold towards other big items like manta, bfly, mjollnir, etc.
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User Info: Pooi

5 years ago#6
It's good for solo kills, not so good for teamfights if you don't have a BKB.

Not good for a first item, you want either bfury or maelstrom to get your farm rate up.

Mask of madness overall is one of the greatest DPS items and escape items (thanks to the increased movement speed buff). It's underrated.

User Info: ToolRulez345

5 years ago#7
Well when do you know if you should get a bfury or a maelstrom? When I play Void I typically do the standard rush bfury, but now that someone has mentioned it I think I would like Maelstrom more. Is one a clear choice over the other?

User Info: xoAxelox

5 years ago#8
bfury is generally a better option because it gives you regen which void desperately needs but maelstrom (not mjollnir) is a much more cost-efficient item
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User Info: quinikk

5 years ago#9
I usually get MoM on Void but you'd need some damage for it to be really effective which is why I always pick up either BF or chrysalis on him first. The thing is, those two items are usually enough to get kills early on after which I end up with something around 4.5k gold in my bank. With that amount of money, why would you spend it on a measly MoM?
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User Info: FoxyAreku

5 years ago#10
Generally a crap item that you should never build unless you can't afford one of the dozen better items.

But if you are that underfarmed you will probably lose anyway.

Also no offense, but lol at it being a good escape tool.
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