Team Liquid picks up a Dota 2 squad

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User Info: Paperblade

4 years ago#1
remnants of coL (FLUFF, TC, ixmike) + Bulba and Korok
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User Info: MoonDanceKid

4 years ago#2
Wow. From adding Dota 2 to their main game coverages to sponsoring a Dota 2 team. Team Liquid is making some awesome moves.
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User Info: chaoslordisgood

4 years ago#3
Team Liquid would be good again if they just dropped SC2.
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User Info: funkyfritter

4 years ago#4
This was inevitable after TL added dota 2 to their list of games. I'm happy to see that they're getting into the scene though, they tend to find good players and provide excellent coverage.
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  3. Team Liquid picks up a Dota 2 squad

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