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User Info: acesxhigh

4 years ago#21
BH players use medallion anyway you don't need the armor degen
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User Info: andrathebackbon

4 years ago#22
well, no major changes. But still, drow no more global, that's very important. Or else, drow's team will easily have all three lanes pushed...

User Info: LookANinja

4 years ago#23
Also no more centaur stun, just severe slow. Now people can cast when they get hit by STAMPPEEEEEDE.

User Info: MusashiExtra

4 years ago#24
Medusa buff, Spectre buff. Return of 4p1 doto plz.
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User Info: Gyro822

4 years ago#25
Treant is still useless =/

I miss Eye's in the forest.
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User Info: TheCoolz

4 years ago#26
Sven nerfed too hard watchu doing Icefrog!

Also, love the Clock buff.
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User Info: xXfireglzXx

4 years ago#27
Icefrog: "Please play Treant."
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User Info: funkyfritter

4 years ago#28
xXfireglzXx posted...
Icefrog: "Please play Treant."

At the rate his base damage is getting buffed we might see the old mask of madness build come back in a few patches.
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User Info: quinikk

4 years ago#29
Oh noes the Rofftrellen overbuffs are starting, hope he doesn't become the new Sven.
Just let it go, alright.

User Info: gamesrgreat

4 years ago#30
I love the buff on Clock

The nerfs on Drow, Magnataur and Centaur seem great

Doesn't really seem like he touched Sven
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