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User Info: TheCoolz

5 years ago#31
gamesrgreat posted...
I love the buff on Clock

The nerfs on Drow, Magnataur and Centaur seem great

Doesn't really seem like he touched Sven

Well Daedalus is nerfed so...

But the main issue is that it also affects other Daedalus users.
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User Info: Ant_to_the_max

5 years ago#32
Because Sven was an innocent bystander this entire time

User Info: Septimo_Omega

5 years ago#33


User Info: KOTRsss

5 years ago#34
Bah, I knew that ice path nerf was coming. It was just so godly for lane harassment. Even more ridiculous before the mana cost increase.

Track no longer reducing armor is fine with me because I usually dont build deso on him. Track is still incredibly good.

Chilling touch still seems totally worthless.

Centaur stampede nerf seems reasonable.

Drow aura nerf is very necessary. Best global pusher title should not belong to her.

Morphling buff baffles me. A few patches ago they nerfed cast time from .3 to .45 and now they're improving it to better than it was before?

I like the reaper's scythe change, since it will actually give more time to target a scythed character.

Sven nerf seems really minor.

I like that refraction will be harder to spam in the early laning phase.

Treant already has ridiculously good last hitting, so I suppose denying with him will be even easier.

Weaver will be a bit more dangerous early on.

Buriza crit being lowered makes sense to me. 2.7 is very high for an item that anyone can get.
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User Info: chaoslordisgood

5 years ago#35
Megaton buffs to Doom and Omni.

Not convinced Buriza needed to be nerfed, but oh well.

Mirana is still bad. Cut her cooldowns down to size, please.
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User Info: drkkratos

5 years ago#36
Jesus, bat can't attack in ulti anymore.. wtf..
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User Info: Iynxor

5 years ago#37
From: xoAxelox | #013
i like the buriza nerf

i LOVE the spectre buff


spec mai waifu super kawaii desu uguu~
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User Info: mario_gamer

5 years ago#38
Morph buff is awesome.

User Info: _Epid3mic_

5 years ago#39
I don't like this.

I would have been harder on drow and sven and would have not touched buriza.
That batrider nerf is irritating, tbh.
Magnus' may be too much.
I like clock, zeus, spectre and TA.

Treant is becoming a laughing stock...bring back his sentries and stop it with the random buffs.

Oh and drow could actually look like a buff early game under a certain point of view: you can push your lane without worrying about pushing the other lanes.


User Info: c2water099

5 years ago#40
drkkratos posted...
Jesus, bat can't attack in ulti anymore.. wtf..

qft R.I.P. Solo Killer Bat.
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