Your Top 3 Most Successful Characters?

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User Info: _jxux_

4 years ago#11
Bounty Hunter

I have a 83% win rate with my BH on 24 matches, gotta track them all!
nick:oneiros. - origin:ultracoola - steam:xabier22

User Info: Chrono007

4 years ago#12
Ancient Apparition
"If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z. Work is x, play is y and z is keeping your mouth shut."
--Albert Einstein

User Info: iTz_SLammi

4 years ago#13
Bounty Hunter
Twitter: @_SammiB
Steam: iTz_SLammi

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#14
I've only played about 50 games or so, but I've had major success with:

Lich - reach level 6, ult, automatically get double kill;
Earthshaker - OP AoE stuns;
Enchantress - Insane heal with incredible AI and her ult is hella strong.
Nature's Prophet - Global presence with a non-ult ability, and ridiculous global nuke with over 9,000 bounces.
Evelynn is my waifu.
Help... Me...

User Info: praetor fenix

praetor fenix
4 years ago#15
Leshrac, Invoker and Meepo.
[S]olitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Leviathan

User Info: AlgernonMabus

4 years ago#16
Chaos Knight (5/6), Necrolyte (3/4), Disruptor (3/3). I've only got 60 games, though.
The girls won't touch me 'cause I got a misdirection.

User Info: Aruezi

4 years ago#17

Sadly as much as I like Lich I think I need to drop him since he's really been tanking my W/L ratio. It's not really that I'm doing badly with him myself, in fact I think a support role like his fits my preferred play style the most. The problem is he really doesn't seem to have the ability to just dominate a fight and make up for my team mates' faults like the other two.
Seriously, when I'm playing Axe and Sven I'm generally unconcerned if I look at the scoreboard and find out someone's feeding or has D/Ced, because I know that so long as I'm careful and don't get ganked I can potentially catch up. With Lich? Unless the guys I'm fighting are really bad I'm not going to be able to make a big enough difference.
GT: Aruezi

User Info: RasBriggins

4 years ago#18
Dragon Knight
Guild Wars 2 is the Game of the Decade.

User Info: MoonDanceKid

4 years ago#19
Chaos Knight
Storm Spirit
"I am not obliged to use more thought in my post than you used in yours."

User Info: FoxyAreku

4 years ago#20
Crystal Maiden
Death Prophet
Yes, I changed my sig.. Why was I still acting like I care about that game anyway?
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