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User Info: DristX99

4 years ago#1
So I finally decided to play Invoker after not having played him in years since Dota 1 and I had assloads of fun. Coming from a Starcraft background, the different combinations of spells to be used in quick succession during teamfights is appealing to my fingers as this game is so incredibly boring for the left hand.

I suck at Dota, however. So I call upon the vets of the board. Impregnate my mind with your Invoker knowledge.
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User Info: TonyHawk50

4 years ago#2
I love puff_stinks209 :3

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#3
TonyHawk50 posted...

when i try to play this game it doesnt accept my qwer commands and i have to manually click on the screen's icons. it still registers my keystrokes and the counter goes up, but no colors fill the circles.

wat do.
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User Info: Pooi

4 years ago#4
While on lane, cold snap after you begin an attack, so that the cold effect procs with minimal delay between the initial snap and the coming one.

If you get deafening blast off before the target uses his BKB, he'll still be disarmed when he uses it.

Sunstrike deals less damage the more units you hit. It spreads the damage evenly, but it's pure damage so you don't have to factor in enemy magic resistance.

If you have euls, you can do the infamous sunstrike, chaos meteor, deafening blast-combo. Just count to 1 in your head, as sunstrike has 1.6 delay. Invoker has no cast time and euls throws the target up in the air for 2.5 seconds. Meteor takes 1.3 seconds to hit the ground, so you can use it after the sunstrike. The most important part is the timing of your deafening blast. If you get it right, you can't even use blink dagger out of this combo, you can use this combo without euls if you have aghanim at lvl 17.

4 quas 4 exort is a sweet spot you want to aim for, that's when you get two forged spirits. You always want to have these out in a fight, then invoke whatever. They deal so much damage.

Ice wall is one of the greatest spells you can have. If you get hit by it and then activate BKB it still slows. The ice wall appears perpendicular to where your hero turns. So you can use it on distance with practice.

Remember to keep using cold snap, use it on the target your carry is focusing, it will allow him to lockdown an opponent, often not even allowing a chance to use spells if their cast time is too high. It will increase your team's DPS by a lot just because the carry doesn't need to "chase".

If you are going quas-wex, check the air time, so you can time your EMP correctly. EMP gets faster with wex, while air time gets longer with quas.

User Info: Bald_Money

4 years ago#5
Forge Spirits + Cold snap can allow you to 1v1 pretty much any hero early-mid game, especially if you get Quas and Exort to 4 and obtain 2 instead of one.

User Info: Ether_Strike

4 years ago#6
i'm pretty sure you need like 50 apm to be a mid masters na zerg

your fingers feeling the burn
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User Info: DristX99

4 years ago#7
From: Ether_Strike | #006
i'm pretty sure you need like 50 apm to be a mid masters na zerg

your fingers feeling the burn

Boy have things changed since you left.
Masters Zerg. $15/hour coaching. ZvZ is Free.
"Luckily, he's pulling all of his SCV's. That will help him defend against the banelings." - EGIdrA

User Info: vegetaken

4 years ago#8

Might work for ya.
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User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#9
Biggest tip I can give you about Invoker is don't immediately lock into a build - change it after picks to suit what needs your team requires.

For example, did you five-man mostly nuker and support heroes? Adapt your build and items to transition into a carry. I had a game earlier this week with such a lineup, and had a Desolator and Orchid by midgame. I used Ghost Walk to get away reliably with maxed Wex (even when detected, due to no MS loss) plus I effectively beheaded Medusa every time she was near with a near-instant EMP on Wex build. However, Tornado would've hurt my team, so I saved it only to tag people that got away.

I also threw Alacrity on a Treant repeatedly to make use of his huge base damage, and Ice Walled near an Enchantress under trouble so a Void (already slowed by Untouchable) couldn't deal enough hits in a second while she healed it off and then promptly died for it.

Bullet points, since I'm rambling:

1.) Gain situational awareness
2.) Adapt playstyle and item build.
3.) Magic is awesome, don't listen to Magina over there.
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User Info: Alternative_1

4 years ago#10
Masters Zerg offering coaching.

X ****ing D
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