Top ranked players for each hero!

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User Info: MoonDanceKid

4 years ago#1

Top ranked players for each hero.
It looks like you have to have a minimum of 30 matches with the hero.
A-B heroes are missing for some odd reason.
Pooi is in the top 50 for Lone Druid. COULDN'T BEAT ADMIRAL BULLDOG, HUH!? J/K very nice.
FnC Naix wasn't even the top Naix.

Just something that I thought you guys would like to look at. Tell us if you made the list for any of them.
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User Info: VicViperMkIII

4 years ago#2
I like how the #1 death prophet player has a big gap from the rest.

User Info: Chaap

4 years ago#3
boo, i don't have enough sniper games to qualify for it.
"Some people are just dumb"

User Info: Formalhaut

4 years ago#4
lol scandal is number one clinkz.

clearly he's been getting lessons from funn1k
I'm not a troll or a moron. It's a joke. Humour exists. Google it.

User Info: drakkus07

4 years ago#5
Pooi no.1 sniper lol

User Info: Paperblade

4 years ago#6
The most popular builds for half the heroes are dumb as hell.
I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar, and often convincing. ~ The Importance of Being Earnest

User Info: Showtime_Lakers

4 years ago#7
How can you guys even read these ._.

I really want to watch a replay or 2 from the top Puck players

User Info: __typh0n

4 years ago#8
Top wisp player has 500 some matches
"If I didn't get bored of WoW so easily I'd be able to be a top PvPer, no doubt" - ignaxio

User Info: zodac_spear

4 years ago#9
Showtime_Lakers posted...
How can you guys even read these ._.

User Info: quinikk

4 years ago#10
LOL SUNSfan is among the top Centaur players?
Just let it go, alright.
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