Troll Drow builds?

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User Info: Cloud789

4 years ago#11
Dagon, Eblade, Veil.

It's my troll Sniper build, should work with Drow just fine.
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User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#12
Hulkkis posted...
Max aura and then stats. Only buy pure agility items.
Support Drow.
finish with Eblade.

Pure Agi drow is legit. Luna + Venge + Agi Drow = hehe
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User Info: WeegeeIRL

4 years ago#13
Get dat blink/dagon, son.

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#14
I really like the idea of blink dagger drow.
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User Info: rabies_neko

4 years ago#15
Max mobility. Phase, Drums, Blink, Forcestaff and Euls.

User Info: ScarletShin

4 years ago#16
Support Trax.

-Keep Trueshot at level one, until you've maxed Arrows then Silence. Ult everytime you can is obvious.
-Get Eul's for perma Frost Arrows in a clash, Drums for little bit of attack/movement speed, and tanking. Also would be great to activate when needed.
-Get Force Staff to ensure no one escapes your arrows when you chase.
-Keep 1 SoD in you inventory for nice gank setups.
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User Info: Aiphrem

4 years ago#17
Build a heart as your first item and assume the role of the tank.
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User Info: funkyfritter

4 years ago#18

-Wraith band x3
-Helm of the Dominator
-Manta Style
And with that...pow! I'm gone!

User Info: Harry_McKenzie

4 years ago#19
Dagger > Bkb, nothing is more fun then a drow blinking in the middle of a fight with a 5 man 6 sec silence.
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User Info: Ant_to_the_max

4 years ago#20
Bring back one of her old builds and get a battlefury

Edit: And when someone asks about your items, tell them to shove it because you got it off a pro guide.
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