Hand of Midas and hard carries

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User Info: DristX99

4 years ago#1
I've seen in pro matches that sometimes hard carries will go hand of midas and then start building into their big items.

What I want to know, is when it is and when it isn't a good idea to get a hand of midas and on which heroes it's good on.
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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#2
Good on most carries, except for those such as Anti Mage who will rush a battlefury to accelerate their farm.

Bad when:

-you're not number 1 position/your team has lots of other farm dependant heroes
-you're in a hard lane/they have scary early game heroes (e.g night stalker)
-not farming well

as a rule only get it before 9 minutes or so at most, so only if you're getting exceptional farm and are not in danger of getting shut down.

EDIT: Are there any heroes in particular you play a lot/wonder if it's good on?
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User Info: DristX99

4 years ago#3
The carries I normally gravitate to are Antimage, Phantom Lance, and Phantom Assassin.

Otherwise, I just play other heroes of other roles.
Masters Zerg. $15/hour coaching. ZvZ is Free.
"Luckily, he's pulling all of his SCV's. That will help him defend against the banelings." - EGIdrA

User Info: SwaglockHolmes

4 years ago#4
it's good if you expect the game to go late and your hero benefits from atkspd

User Info: funkyfritter

4 years ago#5
It's good when you can get it early, the game's going to go long and you aren't expecting to do much fighting in the near future. Carries are the ones that most commonly wind up in that position, but it's good on anyone given those specific circumstances.
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User Info: Sub Tank

Sub Tank
4 years ago#6
Midas is one of those items that is better the earlier you get it. If you had an easy lane and can get one around the 5 minute mark, absolutely go for it. Anywhere after the 10 minute mark is pushing it, and will just slow down your core.

Since Midas gives you 30 attack speed, it's usually picked up by strong right clickers who can use the extra DPS, gold, and EXP. Carries like Naix, Skeleton King, and Void do well with this item. Other carries like Doom and Alchemist can pick it up if they're swimming in gold. Also it's pretty good on Nature's Prophet, since he can build it rather quickly, and it'll help him sneak in a few more hits on people trapped in his trees. I occasionally see this on invoker, but I'm not a big fan of that. On anyone else it's a little sketchy.
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User Info: chaoslordisgood

4 years ago#7
Midas is good on pretty much anyone IF your team can survive you being much, much weaker for the next ten minutes.
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User Info: wormsinator

4 years ago#8
I always get it on bloodseeker and doom. Any other time is situational.

User Info: RealYorae

4 years ago#9
I only get it if I random a hard right click carry such as void since I can use the bonus gold to buy regen still. It will also depend on the lane. This is just when I personally feel I can afford it.
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User Info: Aiphrem

4 years ago#10
I usually always get it on Furion and Naix since I can usually get it before 9 minutes on those heroes. It's a lot easier with prophet though since he's a really fast jungler and you're gonna get amazing GPM with that plus your pushing.
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