How long have you been playing?

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User Info: wlkthebest2

4 years ago#31
2 weeks.

Drow ranger for life.
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User Info: fbplayer1064

4 years ago#32
I started playing in about '07 but stopped for like 2 years after a while. Started back probably in 2010. Been playing ever since.

User Info: Gyro822

4 years ago#33
droid_killer posted...
Been casually playing since '07.

Started getting addicted around '09. I remember it was 6.59b when Batrider just came out. Anyway looking through the posts, I didn't know there were so many dota babies.

Yeah haha. But I feel like I was better in WC3. But that's probably because a lot of people were terrible on there and there was no real matchmaking.
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User Info: elysdeon

4 years ago#34
Started playing when 6.34 came out, which was like early 2006 I believe. Switched to Hon for a few years but came back to dota in september this year
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User Info: xLexLuth0rx

4 years ago#35
Never played before. Installing it now. I expect I should know what I'm doing around Mar 2018.
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User Info: LichKing

4 years ago#36
pre version 6 era. And I played constantly till now.
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User Info: Hail_Berserk

4 years ago#37
Back when Juggernaut was the god of Dota. I think he was strength based back in the day?
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User Info: VoidNoodle

4 years ago#38
2 years.

3-4 if you count me just playing with bots, trying to grasp everything. Basically beginner days. 2 years if you count only the time I started playing with other people(Garena, IRL friends)
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User Info: pandastew

4 years ago#39
themagicpainman posted...
Like 3-4 weeks. Still don't want to move from bots until I've tried everyone...

we need more players like you. I see way too many ppl jumping into game when they can't even win against bot

User Info: Masterjimmy

4 years ago#40
D2 I have been playing like over 1000 hours; p I have had it since oooo 16 months ;p
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