Outworld Devourer

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User Info: MightyLions

4 years ago#1
Why doesnt anyone use him? He seems like a pretty broken hero. Is it because hes too squishy for a hard carry or what?
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User Info: DARKlegend64

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Soulsend

4 years ago#3
The only reason why I don't use him is because BKB makes him the saddest hero around, other than that he is a powerhouse.

User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#4
Reason 1 was mentioned.

Reason 2? An underfarmed one was still taking upwards of 700 damage from Mana Burn alone in a Nyx game earlier today.
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User Info: Kharn99

4 years ago#5
He's hardcountered by any type of silence.

Which sucks since he is such an awesome hero.
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User Info: rabies_neko

4 years ago#6
No proper escape mechanism as well, Imprison requires your team to actually use the time to come help you or you just delay dying by 4 seconds. And of course BKB means he is useless which is a pretty big deal if you're trying to carry.

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#7
As people have said, he gets countered very easily. He really needs a lot of farm just to get going, and it's not even smooth sailing from there.
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User Info: Gyro822

4 years ago#8
OD is nasty in the right lineups. Essence Aura can be a GODSEND
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User Info: Chaap

4 years ago#9
he's alright and does get played occasionally in real games
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User Info: Bald_Money

4 years ago#10
His primary source of damage is magical and requires constant casting to sustain. If he is silenced he literally hits for a third of the damage he normally does. He's squishy and has no real escape mechanism. His ult is pretty good, I guess.
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