6.77c changes

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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

4 years ago#11
What a stupid Drow change. Icefrog sucks.
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User Info: the P

the P
4 years ago#12
Interesting. I don't understand why they nerfed drow so hard (doesn't this make her ult even worse than it was before?). Hypothetically thought you could stand far enough away in a teamfight and still have the buff.
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User Info: mrfatcatmied

4 years ago#13
Poor tranquils, what did they do to deserve such a fate?
illuminate nerf seems fine to me
nyx nerf is fine and doesn't make him useless
drow nerf is also something of a buff but she can't easily face melee heroes now
disarm buff is awesome
living armor buff is cool
Are you as gr8 as I am???????? ::::)

User Info: TME_Guy

4 years ago#14
Treants Living Armor > Refraction as defense mechanism

Gawd Drow fell waaaaay down after her buff. I'd prefer the 15/30/60 agi gain on marksmanship pre 6.75 now.

User Info: __Curley__

4 years ago#15
for drow, the bonus will only be removed when a hero is within 375 units of her (down from 400).

Unless a melee hero is beating on her she'll retain the 80 agility.

User Info: Shaphrion

4 years ago#16
I hate it when Icefrog does balance changes around pub games. Spirit breaker, ursa and SK hate him too. Now Drow hates him.

User Info: TonyHawk50

4 years ago#17
From: the P | #012
Interesting. I don't understand why they nerfed drow so hard

It might be to get people used to the fact that if you're going to take on drow, you need to commit and not just attempt to hit and run. This nerf is actually huge enough to make Drow really bottom tier.

From: __Curley__ | #015
Unless a melee hero is beating on her she'll retain the 80 agility.

To me, it seems as if you're implying that ranged heroes can't bring it down.

I'd like to make a note that Luna has 330 attack range and TA has 320 attack range at Psi blades level 3.

From: mrfatcatmied | #013
Poor tranquils, what did they do to deserve such a fate?

Wondering how long this nerf to ms will last. It's worse than having normal boots. Asking people to drop and pick it up immediately to turn it back into working tranquil boots might be too much even for high level play.
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User Info: Iamdead7

4 years ago#18
Literally don't care that this might destroy Drow. She's such a trash hero for noobs and LoLers
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User Info: Shaphrion

4 years ago#19
Drow was no wear near top tier even before this nerf. She dies to people sneezing on her. Now she dies when people look at her.

The only time she was OP when her arua was global and affected creeps. It is 60 min PL pushing when she hit lvl 6.

User Info: woolays

4 years ago#20
More treant protector buffs

I like dis very much.

Drow nerf might be a LITTLE too much, but if it cuts down her popularity in anyway im fine.

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