Pretty new to Dota 2, what're the "AD carries"

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User Info: Scribblenaut

4 years ago#1
I'm used to League, so I'm not well versed in the terminology of Dota 2

What I mean are ranged champs that deal damage primarily through basic attacks. I know of Drow Ranger and Sniper, but what are some others? Seems like Wind Runner is one as well.

On an unrelated note, are Tusk and Tinker considered to be good? Those two are the heros I've been playing most often
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User Info: iTz_SLammi

4 years ago#2
windrunner is NOT a AD carry. She usually plays solo off-lane, meaning she can fend off/survive a lane 2v1 pretty well while still getting levels.

To answer your first question, the AD carries in dota 2 vary, basically we call them right-click heroes, some are:

Faceless Void
Phantom Lancer
Lone Druid
Shadow Fiend

Tuskar I guess could be, but not ideally, since his damage is physical but more bursty.

Tinker is what you would call AP carry, since he relies solely on his skills.
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User Info: Scribblenaut

4 years ago#3
That's not really what I meant :b

I'm looking more for heros that are ranged and do damage mainly through auto attacks, which is why I cited Drow and Sniper

As for Tuskar and Tinker, I was saying, in general, are they good champs?
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User Info: Aiphrem

4 years ago#4
Luna, templar assassin, drow ranger, sniper, gyrocopter are ranged AD carry dudes.

Tinker is pretty cool but kinda hard to play. You need good micro, crazy map awarness and a above average capacity to farm early game.

Tusk is really baller in that he's a ganker that can also be a tanky dude. He has a lot of burst damage, but in the late game you'll be mainly useful for you sigil.
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User Info: XxPiccoloxX

4 years ago#5
I think he means ranged carries.

Viper is like drow, only his slow also does damage over time. He has two passives and an attack modifier you can put on auto, so he is definitely a right click ranged carry.

There are many other ranged carries, but most of them involve active use of one or more abilities. Sniper, Viper, and Drow are definitely the most auto attack dependant.

Also Nature's Prophet, but he requires a loot of farm before he can really carry a game. A lot of people consider him a carry, a lot of people don't.

User Info: FatherRussia

4 years ago#6
There aren't bad champs in Dota.

Ranged Agility carries are what you are asking about, DotA 2 is different from league in that MOST of the ultra-hard carries are melee carries, and most of the ranged ones are semi carries or mid game carries (a couple of exceptions but certainly much truer than in LoL)

As far as ranged right clickers go you would look at
Shadow Fiend
Outworld Devourer

Of those the only REAL "hard" carries are probably

User Info: Scribblenaut

4 years ago#7
Alright, thanks, I'll check those out

After my first game I was doing well as Tinker, I was able to farm pretty hard and got my Traveler's Boots early in my second game as him, we won pretty handily after that. I saw somebody on a stream that was using them to have presence all over the map and that seemed pretty cool
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User Info: iTz_SLammi

4 years ago#8
Best ranged carry right now is probably gyrocopter followed by drow.

Medusa can be deadly too actually.

Viper is a "meh" of a carry to me.

Tinker is a good hero but not easy to play.
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User Info: DragooneerZero

4 years ago#9
shadow fiend
outworld devourer

for big ranged right-clickers who aren't strictly carries (usually take a more pushing or ganking role, might require a specific build):
queen of pain
nature's prophet
enchantress (with impetus)
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