People complain a lot when a team pulls some 5 man dota.

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User Info: aalnius

4 years ago#21
Mezmorizor posted...
From: aalnius | #011
ScarletShin posted...
If mashing buttons in a fighting game gets you wins, then your opponents aren't as good as they think they are. This makes them whiners, not actual skilled players.

Cases in point:
-Eddie Gordo/Tiger/Christy all have delays in their kicks. It's standard Capoeira and the time it takes them to do a hand stand can easily be the same time to kick them off balance. There's a reason no one uses them in competitive play.
-Kilik has range, but not much power, speed or juggling.
-No one dares use the standard shoto-tactic (projectile, projectile, anti-air... rinse repeat) after KoF 95. Grapplers (like Clark), especially will have a field day with you.
-Despite the promise of many hits and combos, Dudley is never used in competitive play because any competitive player can parry all of Dudley's punches. Dudley is the standard practice-point for parries.
-Anyone on the move has better reflexes than anyone lying in wait. This is how campers get killed.

Win your games. If your tactic works, then anyone calling it bad is only insulting himself... assuming that that tactic is legal.

tbh ive rarely played streetfighter all my friends bum fighters and i dont really so they all gank the hell out of me on them except mk and streetfighter online just seems to be constant projectile spams

If you're having issues with projectiles, try playing rushdown characters. You'll be forced to learn how to counter zoning, and the rushdowns usually have some sort of EX attack that counters projectiles(ie, EX spiral arrow on Cammy). Another trick is to focus attack absorb the projectile and then dash towards them. You can't really spam that, but it's preferable to jump dodging once you get close to their poke range.

Or you can play Sagat and win the most boring match of your life.

I'm genuinely surprised that someone gave me advice on sf, tbh though i've given up on streetfighter i just don't have the time to sit and learn 100's of combos for a game i don't enjoy.

User Info: Soulsend

4 years ago#22
If it was an old video maybe it was that short time where we had a "deathball meta". Where people would pick teams with all the major teamfight skills, group up and run in spamming R. Most fights would end up on high ground somewhere with one team gettting torn by Ravage/Vacuumwall/torrentship/yaddayadda in 8 seconds then repeat.

But yea some commentators/pros didn't mind it and others found it either lame or boring.

User Info: BakedStuffEtc

4 years ago#23
"there usin teamwork >:( "
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User Info: YoungAdultLink

4 years ago#24
BakedStuffEtc posted...
"there usin teamwork >:( "

That was basically it. Mid T1 was down, nightstalker rushed in, and suddenly found all 5 people on him at once, then proceeded to complain about getting ganked by 5 people.
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User Info: aalnius

4 years ago#25
KOTRsss posted...
aalnius posted...
SLYoshi posted...
KOTRsss posted...
5 man dota is only 5 man dota when it works.

So a strategy is only called that particular strategy when it works?
If you try to turtle and that doesn't work, it isn't turtling?

no if you turtle and it doesn't work its called losing


glad someone got that i was joking
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