Emergency lolvalve update - April 22, 2013.

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User Info: rabies_neko

4 years ago#11
Still surprised they didn't add in an icon to let people know you are communication banned.

User Info: KOTRsss

4 years ago#12
Iamdead7 posted...
- Fixed bug allowing more than the maximum reports/commends per week.

Gamefaqs has taught us that academic fields like literature don't exist because of teenagers that say "well that's just your opinion and I disagree."

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

4 years ago#13
Every mistake is a lesson.

But Gaben makes no mistakes.
A true hero never wavers. My place is at the top.
Bring me a real challenge. CHA

User Info: DeBron

4 years ago#14
Character loadouts are still bugged.
It's a part of life.

User Info: Tekken9292

4 years ago#15
What about us who got muted twice? Does our mute length return to first offense? If not, there's nothing to see here and the game's still L4D2 tier.
PSN ID: TekkenDevil9292
If it ain't broke... they'll break it.
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  3. Emergency lolvalve update - April 22, 2013.

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