Team Liquid vs VP

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User Info: aalnius

4 years ago#11
TakaRai7 posted...
is the link?

that isnt the link thats one of the earlier matches its game 3 you need to watch, you might have to wait a while its only just finished

User Info: Iamdead7

4 years ago#12
Yeah TPL casters are pretty lame.
The box says "Online Gameplay not rated by ESRB", I should be able to trade my phallic named Wobbufetts to a bunch of 8 year olds. - MarvelousGerbil

User Info: The_Pwnisher

4 years ago#13
Was a good set of games, but what the hell is with all these terrible casters?

User Info: aalnius

4 years ago#14
xoAxelox posted...
i would much rather not listen to the tpl casters tyvm

gee its like you can't just choose not to have commentators, i don't know if you can watch tourny matches through their id but here is the match id: 183502602

User Info: Alternative_1

4 years ago#15
acesxhigh posted...
hatin on vykro because he is more fabulous than you

He has a horrible voice and approximately zero understanding of the game despite pretending he knows anything.

You can't get a worse combination of traits.
Russia is NOT in Western Europe.
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