What is a good build for Alchemist?

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User Info: TheRaging_Gamer

4 years ago#1
Anyone know?
I'm Kinggoken from Youtube

User Info: The_Pwnisher

4 years ago#2
Pub Blade, Hand of Midas, Mjollnir, Black King Bar

User Info: scythe16

4 years ago#3
Do you want to go safe and farm? Or actually be useful in the early through mid?

A good middle ground if you aren't sure is just building attack speed. Maelstrom into Mjolnir is good farm, good push, good damage, and large teamfight presence all in one item. Follow it up with AC and you are near unkillable and have the attack speed and armor penetration to explode enemies.
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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#4
Shadow blade is good yo.
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User Info: TME_Guy

4 years ago#5
Midas, Shadow Blade, Mjo, Abyssal, Cuirass, more items, sell midas get more

EDIT: I wonder how fast can alch build Midas, BFury, Mjo and Radiance, then use those to farm for more money. I wonder how big will his GPM be.

User Info: TheRaging_Gamer

4 years ago#6
In what order should I level up skills? Also, what items should I start with?
I'm Kinggoken from Youtube

User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#7
Start with a stout and standard region probably.

Max stun most games, take acid early if you're going for a big push in a tri lane, if not greed.
Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044407572/
-Crabdom Ambassador.

User Info: shadowheart_992

4 years ago#8
He can build just about anything.

He can be a decent support, initiator, carry, tank, etc. He's not just a dps machine.

For DPS Alche I'd skip Midas. I go Shadow Blade, Mjollnir, and then it depends on the other teams lineup. AC after that can be fun for crackhead attack speed. Basher/abyssal blade is good.

Midas is really unnecessary on him. Your farm should be so out of control anyways and carry Alche's advantage is that he gets 6 slotted by mid game even without Midas. He's made a decent carry by the fact that he gets online so much faster than anyone else. Getting midas just prolongs that. Your going to get 6 slotted by late game regardless of midas and you're going to get there faster than anyone else. You need to dominate the mid game as Alche is weak late game compared to other carries. You should be destroying the other team mid game not farming till late game where Alche is weak.

It's also bad considering you are probably going to get Mjollnir. An item that makes your farming godlike anyways. Midas is overkill. If you get Midas you might as well get Bfury too for the lolz.

Shadow Blade allows Alche to farm without fear of dying as it essentially makes you un-killable even if they counter with dust as you will still have your ulti. You can push/farm/gank with impunity. On top of that you become a much more dangerous hero ganking wise as you can land your stun easily.

Mjollnir makes your farm absurd without sacrificing dps like Midas. It's also a decent late game item unlike Midas and the active works well with Alche.

As Alche you need to end the game early.

Your skill build depends entirely on how the lane is going.

User Info: PirateKingflcl

4 years ago#9
Get Boots, Orb of Venom, Medallion of Courage, and Blink Dagger.
Max Concoction then Acid Spray by 9, Chemical Rage at 6.

Proceed to annihilate people with your ridiculous 4 second AoE stun and +700 plus Physical burst damage (not even counting all of the auto-attacks from the fastest BAT in the game against -12 armor).

You can even stack and kill ancients from level 1 if you really wanted to; but if you do that you'll need a Soul Ring until you get to level 6 to keep up the Acid Spray spam.
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User Info: LiL_Jigga

4 years ago#10
pretty much his only core item is soul ring, and anything else will be made depending on the enemy lineup. god tier post made by shadowheart, so consider those suggestions.

get blink if your team has some momentum, btw.
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