Have you ever played with someone Dota famous/A well known pro player?

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  3. Have you ever played with someone Dota famous/A well known pro player?

User Info: Iamdead7

4 years ago#1
It's hard to know sometimes because they play under different names sometimes.

As for me, no. I keep dreaming though ;_;
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User Info: SwaglockHolmes

4 years ago#3
http://steamcommunity.com/id/mikoow/ trade me dope items

User Info: Twipsters

4 years ago#4
I've played against Korok and Sunsfan in CS:GO on two separate occasions. Sunsfan wasn't bad, but I remember taking a big dump all over Korok and his team on militia.

User Info: Ghidoran

4 years ago#5
Not in Dota, but I've played several pro players in HoN: Riser, AngryTestie, jaH, Tralfamadore.
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User Info: LookANinja

4 years ago#6
I played Pudge Wars with Merlini

User Info: drakkus07

4 years ago#7
Played against KingJ twice



User Info: Heyitsan_alt

4 years ago#8
Wound up partied with Korok in an AR game recently. Pretty sure he went 27-1 with Luna or something of the sort. He was streaming when it happened. I lol'd.

User Info: SpeedDemon20

4 years ago#9
In matchmaking, I played with TidesofTime when he was on Dignitas. I also played with Mini from QPAD.

I played a few fan games with Purge.
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User Info: Dadanster

4 years ago#10
Early on in the beta I played against coL.Minigun with my friend. I was a complete noob and my friend was pretty decent. Minigun played tinker and was amazing, but through the rest of his team being crappy and myself eventually catching up as Juggernaut, we were able to beat him. My friend has a screenshot of the win screen somewhere I'll have to ask him for it.
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  3. Have you ever played with someone Dota famous/A well known pro player?

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