1st game as Slark

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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#1

:3 I have no idea on how to play him

Went Offlane against BH and CK top as Radiant

With Quelling stout 2x Iron Branch and Regen

What other items can I build?

Why do people recommend Diffusal on Slark

Is Slark Borderline OP?
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User Info: King_of_donkeys

4 years ago#2
Should get shadowblade on him ASAP, it makes him a monster. Kinda seems like you stomped too hard that game for me to any meaningful advice. I don't like your skill build much, I prefer to alternate between W and Q, since autoattacks are almost entirely negligible early on, but you had the right idea. Diffusal is mainly for purging dust on yourself and tossing a huge slow on people you want to catch up with, it's pretty great, but situational. Drums are great to get after shadowblade. Manta is kind of a waste in my opinion, but then again you had so many items it hardly seems to matter.
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#3
Diffusal is situational because with his leap and dark pact Slark has no problems purging dust off himself or catching people. The best time to get it is if the enemy have lots of manuverability or if they have a Warlock. Shadowblade is actually a good item on him, it allows him to sneak up on people, chase, escape, you name it.

Some people get a venomous orb, which also helps chasing people down. You can eventually make it into a Skadi, but never rush it. Get it if you're snowballing like a champ, but focus on other items first.

Like every other hero ever, consider a BKB if there's a lot of magic damage or the enemy has plenty of stuns. Your ult means nothing if you get stunned to death.
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User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

4 years ago#4
Should have really started with a stout into a quick Poor man's shield, just in case the lane started out difficult
But score wise you did fine, so it didn't matter.

People try many different things with him,
Mid solo Dark Pact spam with Bottle>Phase>SB is picking up

Poor Man's and orb of venom are the usual first items attained after basic starting items.

Old school slark's used to get Mask of Madness and go hard ganking with the huge attack speed for major stat steal, don't recommend unless u have a BKB.
It's still decent if the enemy doesn't have stuns.
You'll probably snowball against low pubs with Mom

Treads and Yasha/drums are usually a good choice to go for after you've gotten the starter items, it's a very stable option to go for and offers enough to go ganking or w/e

Just play in mind that you should go ganking at 6, so build accordingly

Very Situational in what to go skill/item build wise. It's usually best to go for a Survivability build mixed with Attack Speed or vice versa.
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

4 years ago#5
I also forgot to mention that Medallion of Courage is actually a very good item on him, as with good timing you can use it just as you dark pact, and it purges the armour debuff from yourself.
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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#6
you dont need good timing to pull off a medallion into dark pact

it purges during the entire dark pact duration, theres really no way for you to get it wrong
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User Info: Annuit_Coeptis

4 years ago#7
I just realized that Shadow Dance's icon is a reference to Smile.jpg


User Info: Mutton

4 years ago#8
Okay, here's my quick and easy guide to offlane Slark
Stout Tango Salve 3x branches, get your support to put up a ward on the side and sentry in their pull camp so you always know where the supports are. Your job is to get levels and not die; never risk yourself for a last hit, just sit in XP range if needed. Get fast brown boots, PMS, and a Medallion (you probably won't get all this by 6), hit 6, go a ganking. Generally you want to start rank up WQWE in a 3v1 situation.

You should be able to get kills relatively easily and help your supports deward due to your ult telling you when a ward is around. From there Slark should grab Treads and then has a wide open itemization. Orchid's great if they have casters you need to shut up (such as Storm or QoP), SnY is a solid midgame pick, as are the BKB, Basher, Vlad's, or Manta. Really just pick what you need to kill and survive; they have an Omni, grab a Diffusal. Tons of magic damage, BKB. You're in a 2-3 core with another melee carry, Vlad's. You have all the choices in the world as Slark. I'm not a tremendous fan of the Shadowblade on him because you're making their Sentry or Gem purchases worth even more, but it's still not a bad pickup at all. Really, his core is Treads + MoC, you can go to town after that. If you get really good early farm an OoV can do well.
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User Info: JowyBlight

4 years ago#9

Could follow this guy, I heard he plays a pretty mean slark!
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User Info: JaspaI_II

4 years ago#10
JowyBlight posted...

Could follow this guy, I heard he plays a pretty mean slark!

48% rofl.
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