how long have you played dota? (incl. original dota)

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User Info: Nzxt_Assassin

4 years ago#31
I think my first match was with version 5.59
5 years, maybe? Somewhere around there

User Info: EarthLord_CJ

4 years ago#32
Since about half a year ago.
"Don't wanna know...where the sinners go..."

User Info: JowyBlight

4 years ago#33
Prolly around a decade, started when SA still had Death Ward and Naix had 3 passives, etc.
Couldn't say how many hours but too many.
" came. Just like you promised. we are once again."

User Info: derwake

4 years ago#34
1 year. Started last summer
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User Info: xoAxelox

4 years ago#35
1.5 years

and im basically the best
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User Info: kowolf

4 years ago#36
Allstars since 3.2j. Played bunch of other dotas from back in the roc days. Zeus used to have mirror images.

User Info: ArtificiAI

4 years ago#37
8 months
Still hoping for a sequel to JUS

User Info: Gundleus

4 years ago#38
Playing seriously? Since May. I've played on and off for like 4 years or so. I've been atrocious before I started playing seriously though

User Info: Ravagestorm1

4 years ago#39
6-7 years. I started when Guinsoo was still the programmer. I think it was the time when Faceless Void had Carrion Swarm, Evasion, Bash and Global Stun.

User Info: eating4fun

4 years ago#40
2005-2009, 2012 to current. You can probably guess what happened.
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  3. how long have you played dota? (incl. original dota)

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