Suddenly, Emerald Polycount Chests!

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User Info: SpinKirby

4 years ago#1
These just randomly appeared in my inventory.

Did this happen to anyone else?
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User Info: DJLotus

4 years ago#2
I too have a sudden polycount chest. Got home from class and decided to look at my inventory and there it was.
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User Info: AngusThermopile

4 years ago#3
One just dropped for me in the game I just finished. Wonder what kind of stuff is in it. I never saw any of the polycount gear.
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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

4 years ago#4
If its anything like the polycount stuff for tf2, it should be good
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User Info: Flakcon

4 years ago#5
I believe that polycount gears are those sets created by the community selected by Valve during their polycount contest ie Red Talon, Stormraider, Eleven Curses
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