How to Bristleback?

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User Info: angelusalvus

3 years ago#1
Can someone give me tips or show me guides of how to play with him?
I don't know how much he was changed after this patch, so I am asking for those who like this hero if old guides are still viable.
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User Info: Falco_Taveren

3 years ago#2
build tanky

when you get focused turn your back (or at least side) to your attackers

when everyones hurt put nasal goo on the person you want to focus and spam quills

and then right click them
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User Info: Retro_Cuddles

3 years ago#3
i normally go

mjollnir/ac depending on whether i want armor or lightning. but always get something with hyperstone cos your ulti increased your dmg to godlike status. so you need pewpew speeds.

last slot i play with. sometimes double hearts, or a radiance, hell ive even put a frigging bfury on him for fun.

laugh at my build if you like. but if im on a mega losing streak. no matter how terribad my team. always bet on the bristleback to bring you wins. its damn near impossible to lose with him. all the babies pick ***** heroes and ignore the god that is bristleback. such an underrated hero considering the dmg he can put out from his ulti stacks, combined with the stacking dmg from quills and the no dmg from back attacks.

i remember some ***** sniper insulted me for picking bristleback. told me i sucked and we would lose cos of me. i ended up carrying him and the team.

in short. always bet on the bristlegod for wins. poor guy is so underrated its bad.

edit: im at work so cant test the new patch but i think the only really changed his ulti to make the duration longer? and more stacks or something? as it was almost impossible to max your stacks without spamming the piss out of nasal goo.
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User Info: mico_ongo

3 years ago#4
stock up some clarity and spam quills.....quills is one of the best lane harassment skill...set yourself up between their melee and range a little closer to range and quill when the heroes get close...they'll back off...those stacks hurt.....

User Info: tomandsam

3 years ago#5
My favorite Bristleback build is as follows (in order):

Starting: Stout shield, regen+stats as you see fit
Medallion of Courage
Finish your Treads

Luxury (not in order, just whatever would work best):
Heaven's Halberd (dangerous enemy carry)
Heart of Tarrasque (tank)
Mjollnir (DPS)

My skill order is:
Spray, Goo, Back, Spray, Spray, Path, Spray, then I usually max Bristleback. If you have great disablers on your team, then get Goo for more kill potential but less teamfight presence.

His playstyle is relatively basic. Get last hits (if possible, with spray to harass at the same time) but save some mana for when an enemy overextends, so you can get the kill with a support's stun. Your laning is great in a dual offlane (or even an aggressive trilane, possibly), especially if they have a melee carry there. In teamfights, just walk in to the enemies and turn around before they nuke you. Then just mash Quill Spray, using Goo whenever you're not being focused. Once the initial barrage is done and you and the enemies are getting some stacks, Medallion the carry (or the priority target/most gooed target) and beat them to death with your armlet on. Use the Mek when you or your team are at low health.
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User Info: AlgernonMabus

3 years ago#6
(Mek if your team doesn't have a better Mek carrier)
Maybe Vlad's at some point if my team's going to be doing a lot of melee right-clicking.
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User Info: angelusalvus

3 years ago#7
How should I levels his skills then?
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User Info: mico_ongo

3 years ago#8
i generally go


User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

3 years ago#9
Run away from idiots who chase you and get double kills.
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User Info: ratt80

3 years ago#10
Learn to block with your back. Pretend to run, soak up some nukes, then get aggressive. it is hilarious to see spells like finger of death and Laguna blade bounce off you.

BB is so awesome, I just got his new flail today :).
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