Is it bad that I prefer Satanic over Daed in Hard Carry Sven

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  3. Is it bad that I prefer Satanic over Daed in Hard Carry Sven

User Info: TME_Guy

3 years ago#1

please refer to the last 8 matches I had

What I do is start off with a quell (stout if I want to be safe, buy quell later) tango then 4 branches, finish treads, then get mask of death. When I get lifesteal I can now go to jungle if lane is hard, otherwise I will finish domi in lane. Aaaand because I can't trust pubs I can't stack ancients with my creep, but I either use wolf or centaur while farming then get Hyper Stone. with hyper stone I can now kill people. If I get stunned to death I get BKB, if I get right clicked to death I get Satanic, then by mid-late game I would be having both and AC too. Daed comes last

Is it bad

User Info: sakurabaz00x

3 years ago#2
It's normal.
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User Info: aalnius

3 years ago#3
it probably lowers your dps by alot tbh i mean the reason you get crit on sven is because crit cleaves are really nice it'd probs be better if you snuck in a crystalys somewhere but hey if it works for you then it should be fine.,,

User Info: AngelofD3th

3 years ago#4
Sven suffers from being easy to kite. So he needs to do the most damage in a small amount of time, which daed helps him do. Satanic is only better if they are mostly melee carries, that will try to man fight sven. Even then it's still a lot of factors to consider. Keep a MoM or HoTD, then if it gets that far into late game get a Satanic after Daed.
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User Info: SpinKirby

3 years ago#5
(advertising my build)

Anyway, you need something to improve your damage, or Satanic won't be as effective.
When you crit with Satantic active, it heals you to max HP.

I recommend only building Mask of Madness if you are doing an early pushing strategy.
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User Info: TheCoolz

3 years ago#6
If you are going for BKB, Satanic, AC, you aren't really playing as a Hard Carry. This is because by going with this build, you are opting out the DPS items that a Hard Carry Sven normally opts. MoM is a cheap and effective way to increase attack speed, Armlet is one of the most cost efficient damage items that you can get at an early time no less, and Daedalus is by far the best damage amplification for Sven. By going BKB, Satanic, AC, you are opting for a tanky build that can still dish out a lot of punishment due to the str relation with your ult. This kind of playstyle however is more leaned towards a semi-carry Sven or an initiator Sven. Is the item build bad? No, definitely not, but it's probably not the best choice for a Hard Carry Sven. You also don't need to worry too much about Satanic. You can also opt for an Armlet and Heart, which will boost your raw damage significantly while getting a LOT of STR from it.

I have a pretty good record with Sven so far, maybe you can check one of them out if it still works. Granted the last time I played has been a while since my laptop is corrupted and still is. The KDA isn't the best since I don't always play carry Sven, sometimes initiator and soft support if really necessary.

Losing 4x in a row with Sven was probably my worst moment in Dota. I almost uninstalled <_<
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User Info: TheCoolz

3 years ago#7
Sorry for double post but I wanted to repost a message that I once posted on Kirby's topic. Definitely consider this if you want to get a rough idea on what to get if you want something along the lines of cost effectiveness, damage, and survivability.

A list of items that will help increase Sven's raw damage potential through Str and lv 3 GS.

* = str damage amplified by GS lv 3

Bracer = 21 damage (3 raw + 18*) + 3 attack speed (agi) = 525 gold

Drums = 30 damage (3 raw + 27*) + 14 attack speed (9 agi + 5 aura) = 1775 gold

Sange = 58 damage (10 raw + 48*) = 2050 gold (effective raw damage for it's cost)

Skull Basher = 58 damage (40 raw + 18*) = 2950 gold

Skadi = 75 damage (*) + 25 attack speed (agi) = 5675 gold

Halberd = 85 damage (25 raw + 65*) = 3850 gold

Satanic = 95 damage (20 raw + 75*) = 6150 gold

Armlet active = 115 damage (40 raw + 75*) + 25 attack speed (raw) = 2600 gold (extremely cost effective)

Heart = 120 damage (*) = 5500 gold (highest raw damage amplification from str)

Abyssal = 130 damage (100 raw + 30*) = 6750 gold (highest total raw damage)
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User Info: funkyfritter

3 years ago#8
I like going bkb > mom > sny > daedalus, just to laugh at all the squishy supports and spellcasters that think they can kite me.
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User Info: Esumark

3 years ago#9
To reiterate what he said, Armlet is god-tier on Sven.
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User Info: xoAxelox

3 years ago#10
buriza is much better.
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