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User Info: chronotrig100

3 years ago#1
Alright guys, so I need some pointers on bristleback. My first thought is to skill snot, quills, back, then max quills and back first while taking ult at appropriate levels. Is that kinda standard?

What items are worthwhile on him? I know a lot of people seem to think this is the ONE hero who should get vanguard so I almost feel like I should grab it for novelty sake. Other thoughts include AC.

Is the standard bristleback strat to just run towards enemy, sneezing on them, and mashing q while you get your sonic the hedgehog on? Is it ever worthwhile to rightclick, or do you just keep running around trying to get them to hit your backside. Thanks guys.
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User Info: shingaiden

3 years ago#2
Bristle is usually the offlane... and you're probably fighting a tri. If so, you're supposed to go:

back -> quill -> back -> quill -> back (some like to get quill here)

If you are going agg with supports, then you go:

snot -> quill -> quill -> back -> quill

Items I start with are tango salve stout branches
Get basi, wand, treads (sometimes mana if things are going well)

Vanguard if I feel like it, otherwise I work on heart/halberd depending. Get shiva if someone is getting AC. Get mek/pipe if needed.

You want to right click if you can. Snot warpath right clicks hurt. You have to use your own judgment whether you have the ability to tank and right click them.

User Info: Chaap

3 years ago#3
of course you right click on them. goo + warpath makes your right click hurt like hell
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User Info: Nailbomb

3 years ago#4
Target an enemy hero, constantly right click them as you mash Q and W.

Beyond Godlike.
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User Info: ScarletShin

3 years ago#5
If you have a free slot, just get a naked Stout. He's also a viable Mek carrier, in case no one wants to get it.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#6
Bristle is my go-to stomp hero.
Whenever possible try to get 1v1 matchup in your safelane, because that hero is bad in trilanes since he needs to be ahead on levels.
My build. You can just armlet toggle all day long with bristle and dive people like an idiot.
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User Info: Susan0

3 years ago#7
Stout Regen

Quills then Either Snot or Back
Max Quills

Snot is a 1 pt wonder

Get basi or threds

Mash W or Q
Win game
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User Info: Ross1isback

3 years ago#8
Susan0 posted...
Stout Regen

Quills then Either Snot or Back
Max Quills

Snot is a 1 pt wonder

Get basi or threds

Mash W or Q
Win game

That is the best so far in this topic.

Remember with back, it will release quills when you take enough damage, but only to the current quill level you have. Even ignoring that, you want to max quills first, but this part just underlines it.

Generally at level 6 I am 1/3/1/1 or 1/2/2/1. Depends on the lane and how much harassment I got.
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User Info: SkimGuy

3 years ago#9
Pipe, mek and Shiva usually core. Treads is really good on him but I've seen people use arcane

User Info: chronotrig100

3 years ago#10
Awesome. Thanks for all the tips guys. I'm thinking I should be able to pubstomp pretty hard with him after this. Next is broodmama on the challenge I think though.......... I'll probably have to get help in another topic for that one. Only thing I know about her is

step 1. make babies

step 2. send babies to their death while they bump against a stone tower.
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