How the mighty have fallen

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User Info: Susan0

3 years ago#11
Uhm having one person or two, just to defend one lane for the fear of always losing a rax is there when 6.79 brood existed

She couldnt be caught unless you had an AoE nuker or Tree Clearer or very specific heroes to counter her

Combined with the cancerous Nature's Prophet that everyone and their parent's all love to pick so much, you have the threat of losing 2 rax while you push out

Brood was hard to pin down, hard to kill cuz trees and off terrain, and can destroy waves in seconds with spiderlings

Glad that she was nerfed so that I dont have to pick specific heroes to counter her
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User Info: Marcster1994

3 years ago#12
Meanwhile, Phoenix went up 3%. Which is fine, as I love playing Phoenix.
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User Info: kirbyeatsbombs

3 years ago#13
Only thing ruining Earth Spirit for me is the fact you can't see remnants in fog anymore.
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User Info: sherudons

3 years ago#14
It is still quite a cool hero, just far less insta gibbing than the old pull, roll kick combo, that required no skill to do and was punishing even under a tower.

Faster reactions you can kick a stone, pull it back and roll though it for a working combo.

Or stone roll though fog/trees and just kick them to your lane and pull your partner to you.

Great as a savior or even a really awesome set up, roll into someone and pull a LC or pudge into melee range still brings a smile to me.
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