Why did you choose Dota over LoL?

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User Info: Nineteen99

3 years ago#1
I'm trying to decide which one to get into, so I'd like to know why you chose Dota over LoL.
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User Info: FoxyAreku

3 years ago#2
I used to play LoL. But its meta ruined the game for me. Every game is the exact same thing with different coats of paint on the 'ranged carry', 'mid', 'support', 'jungle', and 'solo top' roles. Riot insists that you only play the game in one way, and whenever someone finds a new way to change the meta, they nerf it so it's no longer viable. Not to mention due to things like flash, exhaust, etc, high level games become very boring to watch because no one ever dies and people just farm until someone surrenders at 20 minutes because they lost one fight.

Not to mention, dota 2 has all heroes available at all times. LoL requires either money or an intense timesink to do the same thing. Not that you'd really want to, because Riot's champion design is horrid with every champion being generic and having the same basic skills with minor differences, with only a few exceptions. They also frown on mechanics like stealth, and will nerf or remove things just because they feel like it with the excuse that it's 'anti-fun'.

I haven't touched the game in like 6 months, so maybe something has changed since then, but knowing Riot I highly doubt it.
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User Info: Knewlio

3 years ago#3
I hate LoL's business model. That's the primary reason. I choose DOTA because there isn't any gameplay content hidden behind a pay wall.

If the games were switched in that regard, I'd play LoL instead - even though I also prefer DOTA's gameplay.

User Info: FlaShOfPaiN

3 years ago#4
Dota 2 has better hats

User Info: SpeedHunter020

3 years ago#5
I played Dota before LoL existed and never saw a reason to consider playing LoL.

User Info: Susan0

3 years ago#6
LoL vs Dota (imo)


Very easy to pick up
Summoner Spells ease your gameplay
Comebacks are more common
Free Wards
Free Mana/Damage/Abiltiy Buffs
Gold is much more easily earnt
Supports are much more linear, and easier to pick up.
Invisiblity heroes arent so common as picks
Feeding reduces the gold value you give to your enemy, this opens up more strategies. resets when you kill someone.
Region Lock

Summoner Spells are a crutch, and makes the game more boring (Flash)
Champions that use Ability Power tend to have more control/impact on the game itself, due to how bountiful it is.
Teemo and his mushrooms (LoL equivalent to techies)
Games are usually decided on who snowballs the hardest
Game gets tiresome after a while since everyone picks heroes that were recently featured in tourneys
Runes and heroes must be purchased with in game currency.
Lv30 accounts have a larger advantage compared to Lv1 accounts
Meta Sheep hates changing the 1-1-1-2 setup

Dota 2

All Heroes are available at the start (bar the ones in development ofc)
Fountain Farming is fun when you're not on the receiving end
Free Hats!
Graphics are much better, and heroes have more lines compared to their LoL copies.
We have dedicated workshop artists that produce (usually) good hats that make it in stores
More Flexibility in Lane Setups, you can have 1-1-3 (1 top, 1 mid, 3 bottom), or 2-1-2, or 1-2-2
We have Rapier.
Events such as diretide or frostivus or wraith night or lunar bloom
Balance is much better and is visible, certain anomalies are there but dont stay for long
Jungling actually gives you gold and experience
Hand Of Midas
Treant Protector is the best hero in the bloody game if you're sick of losing. If you cant carry your team with him, its prob cuz your teammates are braindead.

Foreigners tend to jump servers, like e.g russians.
No one speaks the desired language you chose (English for example)
Pudge, Sniper, Riki is going to be in at least 1/5 games you play until you reach a certain skill level (or maybe never)
We have rapier
Game is very unforgiving for mistakes, e.g not ganking the bloody andy mage
Courier- its self explanatory
Runes, to me, the enemy mid always gets the runes
Nature's Prophet existence
RNG based items/skills
Comebacks are relatively rare (not impossible) when you lost all your barracks
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User Info: Hozama

3 years ago#7
The one and only reason I picked DOTA over LOL was because DOTA was 100% completely and totally free. I could download the game and have access to every hero, every skill, even item that could effect gameplay right away. LOL has the ever changing free roster, but most of the content is unavailable unless I spend real money or countless hours grinding to unlock things.
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User Info: Hylian50

3 years ago#8
I didn't choose anything. If I feel like playing a game of whatever at a certain time I'll ****ing play it. Why do people act like you have to have some sort of commitment to Dota or LoL just because they're in the same genre?

User Info: funkyfritter

3 years ago#9
I didn't choose the dotas, the dotas chose me.
And with that...pow! I'm gone!

User Info: PirateKingflcl

3 years ago#10
They let me into the beta, so i felt obligated.
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