best lv 1 skill on each category

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User Info: angelusalvus

3 years ago#1
What's the best lv 1, nuke, stun, silence, slow, etc. in your opinion? For instance, my favorite lv 1 slow is terrorblade's because while it deals little damage overtime it's a 60% slow for 5 wooping seconds. My favorite lv 1 stun is dragon knight's for the first blood set ups. As for silence, i think Skywrath's because it makes you weaker to magic.
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User Info: WG4F_is_win

3 years ago#2
Slow- Venomance
Stun- Sven
Silence- Skywrath
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User Info: LookANinja

3 years ago#3
Silence is either Skywrath's or Bloodseekers.

User Info: Susan0

3 years ago#4
Slow, Veno
Stun, Centaur stolen by Chen/Enchant/Doom
Nuke, Tinker
Silence, Silencer
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User Info: xoAxelox

3 years ago#5
the strongest nuke at level 1 is thunder strike im pretty sure
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User Info: scythe16

3 years ago#6
Doesn't Sand King have an almost literal 3 second disable at level 1? The flight time is like half a second and the stun is another 2+.
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User Info: bfoxv2

3 years ago#7
Highest nuke might be dooms lvl? death against a very high hp hero
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User Info: sirfoo

3 years ago#8
^Illuminate and Double Edge both beat it (Thunder Strike).

User Info: BakuraGorn

3 years ago#9
Best dps = Rocket Barrage and Battlefury
best stun = sand king
best disable = Thunderclap/Mirror Image/Venomous Gale
Best passive = Drunken Brawler

User Info: Annuit_Coeptis

3 years ago#10
What, no PotM arrow?
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