Steelseries Dota 2 Mouse Including In-Game Item Announced

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User Info: JonnyBigBoss

3 years ago#1
I'm already using the Rival. The color scheme on this new one is amazing IMO.
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User Info: Genjutsu_GG

3 years ago#2
Paycheck in two weeks

New mouse in two weeks =D
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User Info: shingaiden

3 years ago#3
How many of these did they do? I know they did a Kana (I think) with Kantusa in-game item.

User Info: MoonDanceKid

3 years ago#4
Furion Scythe of Vyse with a Steelseries headset. Uh... I think there was one else.
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User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

3 years ago#5
Genuine- Hells Glare doom sword
Kinda meh tbh, theres better doom swords
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User Info: Dejanji

3 years ago#6
Yikes, steelseries cranks out these "editions" like crazy.

Well, I already grabbed the mlg version of the Sensei that was on sale for 40 bucks, but always weird to see.

Wait, they're normally a 100 bucks, lol? Saying that made me check how much they cost when they weren't a Bestbuy in store sale..
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User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#7
There was also another steelseries bundle with that katusa(or sth like that) black sword for juggernaut.
I dislike ambidextrous mouses, so I've never really held onto steelseries.

I personally use that S E L L O U T EXTEND mouse (if you remember the commercial during dreamleague, haha) roccat kone xtd.

User Info: SkimGuy

3 years ago#8
Hopefully the item will sell for more than the mouse itself like these items usually do

User Info: Patrick52Willis

3 years ago#9
I already have the Na'Vi sensai though :'(
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User Info: taco_ninja393

3 years ago#10
I have a question about the ambidextrous buttons: are they all individual? Or do they mirror each other?

Like, do they become mouse button 3-6? Or MB3-4 on both sides (would love to have some extra mouse buttons
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