Hints and Tips/FAQS after my 3rd Playthrough

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User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#1
Office Moving
Year 4 and Year 6. Save Up!


Whenever you move office, there's a little glitch where you can bypass the contract fee
1. Hire 2 Extra Person with word or mouth, pick the lowest conract fee ones.
2. Save enough money for the best hiring method @ the time and repace all of your guys with everyone you hired

For some reason when you "replace" a worker, you don't have to pay the contract free. But when you hire a new person to a "open" position, you do. This is great when hiring hackers.

Direction Points
You get 2 extra Direction Points whenever your Genre reaches Lv 5

There are 3 Hackers to be hired. Francoise Bloom, Walt Sidney, and Dexter McPhee
As far as i can tell, Cokie Bottleson has the highest Salary when fully Maxed (57224.1K)
There are at least 3 secret Characters. Mister X, King Ackbar, and the Grizzly bear. I call them *secret character* because they are mentioned in magazines and probably won't unlock till you reach a certain goal (@ least that's the case for the bear)

Here's a List of Workers I'm using @ Y21M4W2 on my 3rd Playthrough
Name Job Salary Stats
Francoise Bloom 55555555 44157.6K 794 / 771 / 476 / 400
Mister X 55200000 100K 48 / 25 / 4 / 7
Dexter McPhee 04502314 691.2K 112 / 335 / 313 / 248
Mindy Crawford 04301200 230K 146/ 175 / 119 / 181
King Ackbar 55555555 8274.8K 517 / 451 / 327 / 362
Cokie Bottleson 55555555 57224.1K 682 / 685 / 592 / 470
Walt Sidney 55555555 28608.7K 349 / 507 / 454 / 203
Stephen Jobson 55555555 13796.7K 638 / 572 / 392 / 366

Job means Levels of Coder/Writer/Designer/SndEngineer/Director/Producer/HarwareEngineer/Hacker
Stats are in the following order Program/Scenario/Graphics/Sound

I had the bear on my 2nd paythrough @ around year 19 and eventually when up to 1bil cash on hand when i'm done. I wonder does the bear requires a certain amount of cash on hand because I only have around 700mil on hand on my 3rd playthrough and I still don't get the bear, I definitely had more Types unlocked and developed more games on my 3rd playthrough. So it's either cash on hand or making enough sequel(I didn't make any sequel on my 3rd play through)

Grand Prize
I'd like to know too. i had a 10/10/10/10 game once and I still don't get that prize. I always get the other 3 after year 10 tho

Types/Genre Combo
Cheap cost games @ early Stages
Table + Reversi
History + Trivia

Making only games and alternating between the above with a PC game/ Game Kid game with the hiring glitch, You can make your own PS3 (the most expensive console@ 91000K) at around year 10

<Your own console>
Don't start making one until after pay day M3W4, kaz it takes almost a whole whopping year to make and you get zero income during that

Type/Genre Leveling Leveling
They don't have to match. If you read the text, they level when they match direction points, not with each other And your game will sell even if you have the most bizzare combination like Reversi + Card Game

I'll list what i have now. I have no clue if i unlock them all, feel free to add
Martial Arts

That's it! Hope it helps

User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#2
He comes in every year at 2nd week of may.
The price changes as you progress game, cheaper in early game
You can buy a maximum of 3 things from him each time
So Store up some career change manual or dead bull in early game if you plan to max characters out

Contract vs Games
Contract gives you less money, more research data and vice versa

To balance the two, what I do is only do contracts only when i have the extra cash and really needed the data for leveling quick(upgrading a hardware engineer for e.g. to make a console), otherwise, always make research emphasis games, and only give 1 research data for boosts( so they fail and give me more bugs, bugs= reseach data)

User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#3
Complete list of game types and where to get them

Special Characters
Mister X: I'm pretty sure you will get him no matter what you do. He appears before moving to the 8ppl office.
King Arkbar: Not sure what the requirement is, perhaps making ur own console? or reaching a certain amout of sales?
Grizzly Bearinton: I'm pretty sure it's after you get the Grand Prize
Chapman Z-Force: No clue. I got him @ Year 19, had made my console long time ago, had 1.7bil at that time, the only thing i was doing at that time was unlocking most game type, i was @ around 60 types when he appeared. Oh and i got my 3rd Grand Prize too.

Hardware Engineer
To get a Hardware Engineer, you could hire Chapman Z-Force (its a natural hardware engineer).
Otherwise, you will have to level up one character to level 5, change his job, level THAT SAME CHARACTER's new job, change to yet another new job, repeating the process and eventually you'll get the Hardware Engineer;s job

You change job by using the Career change manual which you have to purchase from the businessman

User Info: Grampa Spanky

Grampa Spanky
7 years ago#4
Walt Sidney has the level 5 hardware engineer skill when you hire him , but he's initially a Hacker. You just have to use the career change item on him and voila. Much faster than doing the traditional method described above.

User Info: megamanxzero35

7 years ago#5

From: Grampa Spanky | #004
Walt Sidney has the level 5 hardware engineer skill when you hire him , but he's initially a Hacker. You just have to use the career change item on him and voila. Much faster than doing the traditional method described above.

Do you have to do that before leveling him up at all? I leveled up Walt Sidney to a level 2 Hacker and now when I try to change careers I only have the first 4 available.
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User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#6
Regardless of weather a character has "Hardware Engineer" listed under his Work history, You will still have to maxed his Coder, writer, designer, Snd. Eng., Director, Producer job, before you have access to the Hardware Engineer job.

So it is actually better to leave the natural hackers(hint hint Walt Sidney) and level someone else to make a Hard. Engineer because hackers has amazing stats and once you change their job they will have not-as-good stats until you switch them back to the Hacker Job

User Info: Yomatsu

7 years ago#7
it seems like though for some reason hackers make bad people to do the boosts that cost research pts i would avg 25ish to 30ish with hackers but i got 90 once with a 200ish stats normal class

User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#8
but then again who cares about boosts wen u have hired all 3 hackers and a selected few individual:P

i usually use 1 research data to do the boosts so if it succeed, great, but if it failed, i used 1 research data to get like 20-40 more research data(bugs) out of it

once u get all 3 hackers and ppl like cokie bottleson, steve job, mindy, king arkbar u're pretty much set, you will get to hall of fame with a review score of 33+ no matter what you do. I've had a Equipment Failure, blackout in a row and a bizzare combination of type and genre and still get to the hall of fame with somewhat good sales:P

so a the boost doesn't actually matter as much anymore once you got a good team. One game i tried to max my cash on hand and got 2 bil with a team that cost around 10mil salary. Probably could've got more if i have been using amazing combos. but instead i was just lazy and trying to level the types. and later find out itz pretty impossible to level up all types as there's like 79 of them-__-"

My picks of team members are :

Francoise Bloom
Cokie Bottleson
Stephen Jobson
Dexter Mcphee until i get Chipman Z-Force
King Arkbar
Mister X
Grizzly Bearington
Walt Sidney

I picked these guys primarily because they have the longest energy bar meaning they go rest less. And I kept Mister X simply he's a litte more special as he was mentioned in the magazine. Otherwise I'd probably replace him with Mindy or something

User Info: NuMystic

7 years ago#9
Don't bother with anything other than Budget+ once you have the capital, as it's the most likely to offer the boost attempts which are win/win either way with a single Dev Point dedicated to it. (Success = Better Game / Failure = More Bugs = More Dev Points for Levelling)

Grand Prizes are entirely about Sequels. Once you have enough hall of famers just pick your 5-6 best performers and crank out sequels. (got 6 or 7 Grands on my 2nd playthrough below, not sure which because they only keep the top 5 on your research screen)

Doing consoles is a great way to rack up huge Dev Point gains to get every staff member to a level 5 hacker. (Did 3 consoles this game) To accomplish this you need to forget about buying anything but Career Change manuals from the salesman. Boosts are a waste in the long term... the minor gains early on aren't worth the cost to buy them, and having mostly/all hackers in the last few years will make you more money than anything prior. Was getting ~300 avg scores in all 4 categories (Scenario, Graphics etc.) for every game in development with many going over 400 near the end with this approach. ----
At Year 20: (2nd playthrough)

Top Selling Game
63,449,685 Units
190,349.0K sales

2.6 Billion

6 Grand Prizes

7,675 Fans

100 Popularity

Three Consoles with the final one at 20750K Units (1st position over Game John and Jupiter 512)

All 8 Staff Members Level 5 Hackers (Walt, Stephen, Kairo, Chimp, Cokie, Grizz, Dex, Francois)

Top Skill Ratings:
Program 675
Scenario 707
Graphics 636
Sound 501

User Info: Muttso1o

7 years ago#10
I had bear in my 2nd run to, it seems he appears when you get a grand prize.
I never had 1 bil :) but did get a grand prize, and soon after bear apeared.
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