Where is Famine?!

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User Info: dab00b

7 years ago#1
Where the hell is famine??!! I've beaten the story and have found war and pestilence, but I can't find famine!!

I've search the guides and still haven't spotted him! Where did all of you find it?
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User Info: danger mouse

danger mouse
7 years ago#2

Red Dead Wiki
Famine is located between Chuparosa and Tesoro Azul (actually just west of Barranca). It has also been sighted between Blackwater and Thieves' Landing, between Escalera and Nosalida, and outside Las Hermanas and Torquemada.

Very rarely, when fast traveling to MacFarlane's Ranch, and waiting approx. 5 minutes, the Blue Circle will appear inside the Horse's Corral, with Famine inside, and has happened on several occasions.[sic]

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User Info: dab00b

7 years ago#3
Thanks, but I read that before but it still didn't help me.

I actually found it around one of the most northwest trails in Mexico (cant remember the name of the city there)
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User Info: stormhellscream

7 years ago#4
the point in this game is that if you can't find an animal, don't look for it. and if you really need it and can't find it, quit the game and load it again.

i've been looking for the chupacabra for an hour, then i quit the game, started again and tadam, found him in less than 5 minutes. same thing for unicorn.
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

6 years ago#5
1 of famines spots is right next to escalera (sp?) .
if you take the main trail out front to crooked toes hang a left (going towards the water) at the first turn.
right on the side / behind escalera is a hilly area and thats where famine can be found.

in mexico in the 3 horse on the map area is where the chupa and the unicorn hang around.
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