ammo in undead

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User Info: Kid Maze

Kid Maze
6 years ago#1
Where can i find some? can i buy it?
XBOX live gamertag: S1Y M4ZE

User Info: kcheung5440

6 years ago#2
Can't buy it (there is no money).

Clearing graveyards and saving towns is a good way to start stockpiling.

Finding random events on the world map work well too. For example, there is a guy who has his zombie wife tied to a lead/leash that appears randomly near roads. IIRC, I killed him and got 20 shells

User Info: CarnaliaBarcus

6 years ago#3
I had a problem with ammo at first, too, but now I seem to never run out.

Some other ammo tips other than clearing out towns and getting ammo from chests:

* If you use "casual" aiming, it will autoselect headshots for you. So if you're having a hard time aiming to kill zombies in one shot on harder settings, use "casual" at least at the beginning of the game. That way you only need one bullet to kill most zombies. Be careful deciding when to take your shot, and if necessary, let go of L2 then press it again to re-aim. You want to make sure that you get a headshot the first time.

* Always make sure you check zombies for ammunition. Female zombies will not usually have bullets, but they'll often have other items, like fire bottles.

* It's tempting at first to try to kill every zombie you happen upon as you travel around, but avoid it, especially with bullets, as often once you're stopped in an area killing zombies, zombies will keep spawning in that area. The same advice goes for animals, although they do not respawn as quickly, in the same numbers as human zombies. Don't waste bullets on most animals. This might be different once you get the blunderbuss, as you can use undead parts as ammunition, but I haven't acquired the blunderbuss yet, and I'm not sure that you work out ahead if you shoot animals for ammunition anyway. Keep in mind also with animals that if you're riding a zombie horse or one of the mythical horses, animals can't hurt your horse or you, so you can just ignore them even when they'd pose a threat to a normal horse.

* Practice killing zombies with your torch. If you're running low on ammunition, ride around until you see five or so zombies grouped together. Kill them all with your torch, then quickly check them for ammunition. While you're doing this, more will spawn more than likely, but not too many to handle. Just kill them quickly, too, check them for ammunition quickly, then get out of there. You could actually play the whole game with just the torch (except for when the game specifies that you must do something different), and just being careful to never be completely surrounded by zombies (you can usually just run away from them for a minute if you are), so if you did that, you wouldn't even need any ammunition, or you could stockpile a whole crapload of it. But it's just so much fun shooting them. ;-) The game is very forgiving with the way the zombies attack you, though. They tend to wait their turn like a martial arts movie when you're attacking a bunch with the torch.

* You'll occasionally happen upon a group of survivors in the wilderness set up in the middle of some crates, fighting off zombies who are surrounding them. Help them kill the zombies, then enter the small area where the survivors were. There are ammunition stashes there. You can also choose to kill those survivors to take their ammunition.

* You'll occasionally happen upon men who have set up camp in the wilderness. They've basically gone crazy, and they might be eating corpses, some have their wife, who is a zombie, chained up next to them, etc. They ALWAYS have an ammunition chest at camp. If you open the chest, they'll try to shoot you. So just kill them first, then open up the chest, take the ammunition they had on them, etc.

* Just as with Redemption, there are people in the wilderness offering you a bet that they can shoot more than you. In this case, they're betting ammunition. So take the bet. You'll ALWAYS win if you do.

* Make sure you attend to other random people you encounter in the wilderness. They'll often give you ammunition in exchange (or you can loot it from them, etc.)

In the last few scenarios above, you're using ammunition to get ammunition, but if you can kill zombies with one bulllet (again it's easy if you use "casual" aiming), you'll always end up with more ammunition than you started with.

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