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after you beat the game SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. after you beat the game SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: wiggumclancy

6 years ago#1
when marston comes out of the grave as a zombie is this like a whole new game? i don't notice any missions just seems like you save town from being overrun. is that all it is and is it safe to say i have beaten the game?
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User Info: PabloDuganheim

6 years ago#2
There's nothing really new. You're just able to continue from wherever you left off, but maybe smelling a bit more. I did have a bit of a smirk when I hit the button to great people. Then the people seem to be oblivious that he's not looking so fresh any more. I sorta wish you could new game + it and replay the game as a zombie, but it would probably get old after a few growl/gurgles in place of the normal dialog.
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User Info: oboewan9999

6 years ago#3
Yep, you've beaten the game! Now run around and do challenges and get trophies and crap.
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User Info: Zero3696

6 years ago#4
Get 100%

User Info: RamazaBelove

6 years ago#5
Can you get the unicorn and the chuprakraba or whatever as John or does it have to be undead John?

User Info: Zero3696

6 years ago#6
I think those two missions fall under the Undead Hunter missions. If it does, you can do it while he's alive. The toughest part would perhaps be finding Death horse, as I didn't find him while John is alive. Still, other people didn't have any trouble. And it's easy to get a 100% for this expansion so yeah, like I posted before, get it.
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  3. after you beat the game SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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