Is there a fishing guide?

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User Info: omega_dog

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there's a fishing guide somewhere listing where to catch certain fish? Also are certain fish only found in certain seasons? And finally where can I find fall flounder?
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User Info: GDragon59

5 years ago#2
I caught fall flounder at the beach area during the winter season. And some fish are more common during certain seasons, but I -think- you can catch any fish regardless of season, just you'd have to go to different locations (or find schools of fish) to find them. I could be wrong on it though.
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User Info: The_Green_One

5 years ago#3
Some fish are more easily found at different times of the day, for example I could find the love snapper by fishing at the beach during sunset hours.
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User Info: shishikyuu

5 years ago#4

squid (for calamari) is awesome for RP and I found out you really only ever catch it after 6 pm. I think you might catch more of them in the summer than in spring but that could be due to my improving rods and fishing skill.

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